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Posted on 05-26-15, 04:52 pm in Super Mario Bros. Within the Limit! (rev. 49 by ImageBot on 11-21-16, 03:15 am)

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The Worlds:

The world 8 have 2 names: Ghost Land before having completed the level 8-Airship, Lava Land after having completed the level 8-Airship.


  • All new levels .
  • Every level has 100 second .
  • All new Graphics
  • Red POW Block /like in NSMB2/
  • Worldmap a bit remodeled
  • Rainbow level can spawn on every world /like in NSMB2/
  • New Bottom screen BG
  • Probably new enemy: Fly Guy
  • Goomba has 4 several colours

  • Some Screenshot:


    6 Worlds Completed (special levels like 1-A,2-1,etc, are not included)


    Newer Team

    Posted on 05-06-16, 04:26 pm in Rips from Kirby Mass Attack (rev. 7 by ImageBot on 11-21-16, 03:20 am)

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    Before download a BG here, read this:

    Consider the fact that these BG are made with a method, probably (I'm not sure) invented by me. This method consist in making a larger NCG that allow you to import a Top BG with the dimensions of 256x192px.

    The only "problem" of this method is that you can't use a Bottom BG, but only a Top BG, so every (for now) BG posted (by me, at least) can be imported only on the Top BG.

    Ok, so here all the ripped BG:

    Actually, IMO, is amazing the fact that the original Kirby's BGs are good repeated and use less than 256 colors.

    And, if someone is wondering if I am going to rip the tileset too, yes, I'm going to rip that.
    It's good that the tileset are already 16x16px.

    Posted on 05-23-16, 07:46 pm in How to make a post layout (rev. 29 by Sherry_ on 02-06-17, 03:55 pm)

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    If you're wondering how to make a layout, this guide is for you.

    The parts of the post

    First of all, you should know what are ".mainbarX" ".sidebarX" ".topbarX_1" ".topbarX_2" ".tableX" and what's X.

    What's .mainbarX? It is this part of the post (where is written your post):
    NOTE: This is only a sample post.

    What are .topbarX_1 and _2? .topbarX_1 is the part of post where is written your username, .topbarX_2 is the part of post where is written the date of when you have posted it.

    What is .sidebarX? It is the part of the post where is your avatar, and where is written your karma and your post number.

    What's .tableX .tableX is all the post (for example if you put a BG code in .tableX, it will affects all the post).

    What's X? X is your profile ID, for example mine is 1556.

    Where I have to insert my code?

    Go in your profile, then click on Edit my profile, click on Post layout, and write your code in Header.


    Everything concerns with the code must be stored between

    <style>*Insert code here*</style>

    (Don't put *Insert code here* in header!)

    For example if you want a color BG (background) only in your .mainbar, the code should be like this:

    <style> .mainbarX { background: rgba(10, 0, 0, 1.0)!important; </style>

    This simple code make your .mainbar black.
    You (if you are new to CSS), are wondering how you can change the color of the .mainbar, you just have to change this part:

    rgba(10, 0, 0, 1.0)!important;

    You can find the right color with this.
    Instead if you want an image as BG, you can use this:

    background: url("*Insert image URL here*")!important;

    For have a fixed repeat, just add

    repeat fixed

    next to the round brackets.

    Here's a few examples for change some things:

    .mainbarX { font-family: "*Font name here*" !important; }

    URL Link
    .mainbarX a { color: #HEX COLOR !important; }

    Spoiler Button
    .mainbarX .spoilerbutton { background-color: #HEX COLOR !important; color: #HEX COLOR !important; }

    Font Color
    .mainbarX { color: #HEX COLOR !important; }

    Spoiler Content
    .mainbarX .spoiler .spoiled { background-color: #HEX COLOR !important; }

    Quote Content
    .mainbarX .quote { background-color: #HEX COLOR !important; }

    Codeblock Content
    .mainbar1556 .codeblock { background-color: #HEX COLOR !important; }

    Example Code

    Here's an example:

    <style> .tableX { background: url("*Insert image URL here*") !important; } .mainbarX { font-family: "*Font name here*" !important; font-size: 110% !important; border-left: 1px solid #FFFFFF !important; border-top: 1px solid #FFFFFF !important; } </style>

    Remember to replace the X with your user ID.


    Q: Some things I've changed work, but other things I've changed don't work... What can I do?
    A: Try to add an "!important". If it still doesn't work, you have done something wrong.

    Q: How can I get my user ID?
    A: Go in your profile page, then view the URL bar, there should be written something like that: "". The numbers before the username are your user ID (in this case my ID is 1556).

    Q: Where can I upload my BG image?
    A: You can upload it on Imgur, or just on

    Q: With CSS can I customize everything? For example my username on .table_1?
    A: Yes, for example, you can modify the username font, but you can't change your username color! (actually you can, but it's not allowed, so...)

    Q: What's an HEX COLOR?
    A: This.


    If you have some questions, don't hesitate to post it here!
    And before make your layout, please read these guidelines.

    Enjoy your new layout!

    (post layout disabled for readability)
    Posted on 04-25-16, 03:38 pm in tutorial How to have 2D enemies with more colours (rev. 7 by Sherry_ on 05-31-16, 12:56 pm)

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    How to have 2D enemies with more colours

    Yes. It is possible, like in NSMB2.
    Every colour depends from the Jyotyu that you are using.

    So, you can have different 4 colours!

    Well. You have to open all these files:
    All these bitmap/palette are in the OBJ folder.

    I_bubble256_ncg.bin (Lava Bubble)
    I_fireball_ncg.bin (Fire Flower's/Fire Bro's fireball)
    I_kuribo256_ncg.bin (Goomba)
    I_teresa256_ncg.bin (Boo)
    I_nokonoko256_ncg.bin (Koopa)
    I_switch_ncg.bin (Red/P/?/Bowser's switch)
    W_kinoko_ncg.bin (Toad House Blocks)
    Probably I have forgot some bitmaps, so post the missing one!

    And next open all these palettes:

    I_enemy_B_ncl.bin (Underground/Blue Jyotyu Overworld Palette)
    I_enemy_ncl.bin (Golden Jyotyu Overworld Palette)
    I_enemy_R_ncl.bin (Red Jyotyu Overworld Palette)
    I_enemy_W_ncl.bin (Grey Jyotyu Overworld Palette

    Export all bitmaps with all palettes.

    Edit it in Photoshop/Gimp/an image editor. Save.

    Import that bitmaps with all palettes.

    Save it.

    Now you have the Goombas with different colour in every level.
    Posted on 02-28-16, 08:17 pm in Rips from Newer NSMB Titles (rev. 1 by Sherry_ on 02-28-16, 08:18 pm)

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    I have ripped some

    instead the Backgrounds of NSMBU

    NSMBW Coast

    NSMBW Snow Hills

    NSMBW Ghost House

    NSMBW Sand

    NSMBW Tower Colour 1

    NSMBW Tower Colour 2

    NSMBW Tower Colour 3

    NSMBW Underground

    NSMBW Clouds

    Posted on 03-06-16, 08:44 pm in "wip" Free-to-use Model for your hack (rev. 25 by Sherry_ on 12-12-16, 03:02 pm)

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    [WorkInProgress Thread, can't modify it because I'm not on PC, then...]
    Remember: some of the models posted can make the WMap slower.

    NSBMD models

    From NSMB2

    NSMB2 Castle by Sherry_; credits not required but appreciated.


    NSMB2 Tower by  mrrikihino and Sherry_; credits not required but appreciated.


    NSMB2 Star by  mrrikihino

    Super Mario 3D Land Airship

    Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Shappire Legendary Pokémon Ring

    NSMB Wii / U Tower

    Super Mario Sunshine - Sunshine Sprite-

    In this thread you can post your models, if you want.
    Posted on 03-19-16, 12:15 pm in tutorial How to edit Bottom Screen Background of Blue House (rev. 4 by ImageBot on 11-21-16, 03:19 am)

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    I have decided to make this thread, because I have seen that a lot of people don't know whether to do to change the background of the inferior screen.

    This tutorial, doesn't serve only besides to point out the position of the files to modify.

    1. You choose your background. Not too much great (max 64 pixels) and that it have few colors (max 16 colours). 64 Pixel are enough, because the background uses the same principle of the Map16 of the tilesets.

    For example this:

    2. We now go to the ROM file browser tab. Then we go to Root, and finally on uiStudio.
    It will appear us one screened as this:

    3. We open the palette.

    Then click on Add All.

    4. We open the image.

    Click on View in 4bpp format.

    5. Import your image over the background in the proper palette. You can also replace the empty spaces. (Sorry, but I will jump the tutorial of the importation.)

    6. Click on Save or Save All. Close it. (not editor!)

    7. Now, under the file of the palette, there are other 6 files. In these files they are shown as they are in-game, and it is possible to modify them.

    -game_in_d: it shows some things, like:

    -The next 3 show the white background, of the blue bricks and of the coins stars (not in order).
    -The last two show the retro background.

    8. Open one of these files. (decompress it before!) Edit it and then save it. You close and you compress it.

    With this method, you can also modify other things, for example:
    - The background of the inferior screen in the map of the world
    - this:

    -the bar of advancement (as I have done in my hack)
    - and also other things.

    Before opening a file nsc, you must open the respective image and palette.
    Posted on 03-27-16, 07:13 pm in Suggestion to make your hack similar to newer Mario's Game (rev. 12 by ImageBot on 11-21-16, 03:19 am)

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    Last update: Fixed English errors. Now it is more easy to understand.

    In this thread, I will give you some suggestions about how to make your hack similar to the new Mario's game make better your hack.

    Working Red POW Block

    For have the Red POW block you are going to sacrifice the Event Block! This is really a simple trick to have a POW working block similar to that of NSMB2.

    You have only to replace the graphics of the block, and use the sprites 152 and 197!

    Replace the graphics like this, or it will be to bit glitched. I mean the POW block, only on the right-top side.

    Leave alone the other graphics

    Note: To activate it use the Tile God sprite.

    32x32px Decoration avaiabile for every level

    I have found a way to have a decoration 32x32px in-level, not inserted in the tileset. But you have to sacrifice the sprite Arrow Sign. If you want to have the Arrow Sign too, follow this tutorial:


    This works like the bushes in NSMBWii, in fact they are sprite, that can have overlapped to tileset.

    Download this file:

    file1 (It have no extension, but don't worry.)

    Then replace one of these files with it:

    yajirusi_l.nsbmd / yajirusi_r.nsbmd

    On base if the sprite is mirrored (I mean the Sprite Setting), the model change. So you can have 2 different decorations.

    Ghost House's Door

    World's Names on Bottom Screen

    How to have Goombas with different colours

    For now is finished

    For now the suggestions / tutorial are 4.

    But they are still there things that I must say.

    Tutorials/Suggestion to do

  • 4th pipes (not glitched)
  • Block 2x2 destructible
  • Block 2x2 that you can be struck
  • Rainbow Level
  • How to make to good background, see this.
  • Suggestion on Worldmap
  • How to have Ghost Houses Door
  • How to put name to a World
  • Posted on 04-30-16, 04:09 pm in Super Mario Legends (rev. 17 by ImageBot on 11-21-16, 03:20 am)

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    Sorry if the name seems... erm... a bit... err (you have probably understood)

    Actually, this hack will be a mini-hack.
    In this hack you have to explore 5 new and original worlds, great graphics, some new enemies, and much others! The first world is Jungle Ruins, which is a plateau on a forest, full of temples and underground ruins, next Mario will explore the Singing Sands, a desert where there are Note Blocks (working) and a lots of heat, then there is Arcane Forest, a ghost land formed of an infested coast and a terrorizing forest, then Cosmic Costellations, which is a galaxy with 7 planets, but why is it called Cosmic Constellations? You will know. Finally there is Maximum Olympus, that at first sight it would seems a paceful land, but it have something dreadful...

    Planned Features

  • New 5 original Worlds, with a total of new 35 levels!
  • Great ASM hacks
  • New musics
  • New graphics, from Newer Mario titles, too!
  • A lot of fun!

  • Features that can be in the final release

  • New Multiplayer modes:
  • -A new Minigames interface, and probably retextured minigames.
    -An original Multiplayer mode.

    The Worlds and some screenshots:

    No screenshots yet.

    No screenshots yet.

    No screenshots yet.


    Credits to

    Hack CreatorsHypernova99Sherry

    ASM Hackingskawo

    Newer Team

    Music Hackingnewluigidev

    Any suggestion?

    If you have something to suggest me, feel free to say it here.

    Posted on 02-29-16, 08:31 pm in Super Mario Bros. Within the Limit! (rev. 1 by Sherry_ on 03-11-16, 09:22 am)

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    New screenshots!!!

    World 1-5

    World 2-1

    World 2-2

    - " Thanks Really!" -
    Posted on 03-26-16, 06:39 pm in Super Mario Bros. Within the Limit! (rev. 1 by ImageBot on 11-21-16, 03:19 am)

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    New news!

    New world icon:

    Every world and every level have a name:

    Posted on 03-29-16, 02:49 pm in Suggestion to make your hack similar to newer Mario's Game (rev. 2 by ImageBot on 11-21-16, 03:19 am)

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    Ghost House's Door

    I hope it is comprehensible.

    As a lot of people will know, only a tileset can load the Ghost house's Door. (tileset ID 40//Ghost House Exit)

    So, we will replace all the graphics of this tileset with Ghost House's Tileset, but WITHOUT replace this (in red):

    When you have done, import the image, save, and close the tileset editor. Now re-open tileset 40, and make your tileset. DON'T CLICK ON DELETE ALL!

    When you have done, go in Tile Behaviors, scroll the tilemap down, and click on this (in red):

    Imposes on these two tiles, the door behaviors.

    Go in Objects and create your door.


    You can edit the Ghost House's Door, if you want.

    The animation file: root/enemy/W_tobira_o.nsbmd


    To Do

    - 4th pipes (not glitched)
    - Block 2x2 destructible
    - Block 2x2 that you can be struck
    - Rainbow Level
    - How to make to good background
    - Suggestion on Worldmap
    - How to have Ghost Houses Door
    - How to put name to a World
    Posted on 04-09-16, 08:39 am in Suggestion to make your hack similar to newer Mario's Game (rev. 1 by ImageBot on 11-21-16, 03:20 am)

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    World's Names on Bottom Screen

    The final result should be like this:

    Open your ROM in NSMBe. Go to uiStudio Folder, open these files:

    Next, you have to erase all these graphics (use the Erase function on the editor!)

    All the number (like these) from: at

    Ok. Save and close. (not the editor!)

    Then, open these files:

    Export that image. Edit and import in that image some letters, like this:

    Import that image in the editor (I have imported it on palette 8). Save e close it (not the editor!).

    Open this file: (decompress it before!)

    Edit the file and put in it the lettres, like this: (I think this step is not much comprehensible)

    When you have done, save and close it (not the editor!). Don't forget to compress it!



    For edit another world name, you have to open another file!

    To Do

    - 4th pipes (not glitched)
    - Block 2x2 destructible
    - Block 2x2 that you can be struck
    - Rainbow Level
    - How to make to good background
    - Suggestion on Worldmap
    - How to have Ghost Houses Door
    - How to put name to a World

    Posted on 05-07-16, 09:51 am in Rips from Kirby Mass Attack (rev. 3 by ImageBot on 11-21-16, 03:20 am)

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    I don't hack NSMB, but I must say, these are beautiful O.O


    New BGs:

    Posted on 05-18-16, 12:40 pm in Official NSMBHD Sanctioned Shitpost Thread

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    The most useful thread ever.
    Posted on 12-19-16, 02:39 pm in release Super Mario: Endless Earth

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    He should be in the filesystem/root/player/ folder.
    Posted on 02-16-16, 07:38 pm in Rips from Newer NSMB Titles (rev. 2 by Sherry_ on 06-12-17, 09:23 am)

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    Hey, I have ripped some NSMBU backgrounds, but they are low quality...

    EDIT2: post improved(?).
    Posted on 02-17-16, 05:13 pm in Rips from Newer NSMB Titles (rev. 1 by Sherry_ on 06-07-16, 05:43 pm)

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    Other Background (Nah... these are really ugly, but...):

    Posted on 02-22-16, 04:37 pm in Rips from Newer NSMB Titles (rev. 3 by Sherry_ on 06-07-16, 05:43 pm)

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    I have ripped some NSMBU Tileset, too.

    Posted on 03-07-16, 01:43 pm in "wip" Free-to-use Model for your hack (rev. 5 by Sherry_ on 02-06-17, 07:57 pm)

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    Thanks! I have converted a model 3D (OBJ) in NSBMD with the program MKDS Course Modifier. I am now working on the tower of NSMBW and I think that for today I will succeed in creating his/her NSBMD. If anyone have a model 3D for the World Map and not results to convert it, I can try to convert it for he.

    EDIT:Here! The Tower of NSMBWii:

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