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Posted on 06-10-17, 11:56 am
Red Paratroopa
Ultimate Beta Restorer

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Here's my desktop as of June 10, 2017:

Obvious is obvious. What do you expect more?
Posted on 06-10-17, 08:10 pm
Red Cheep-cheep
the power within

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I made the wallpaper myself. Here's the link to the wallpaper, if you wanted it.

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Posted on 06-10-17, 10:06 pm
Buster Beetle
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Here's mine as of 6/10/17
I'm 1 out of 2 people on this board that hacks MvL

Here's my MvL Hacking thread

If you can read this, you have scrolled too far down
Posted on 06-22-17, 12:45 am (rev. 1 by RicBent on 06-22-17, 12:49 am)
Red Super Koopa

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Nothing will come close to kde.
Most of it is the stock breeze drak theme. Only added a cool looking cli audiovisualizer.

Some of Plasma's multimonitoring problems seem fixed in 5.10 luckily.
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