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Posted on 10-30-22, 09:41 pm (rev. 1 by  Bluey on 10-31-22, 11:11 pm)
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oh heyy! this is the 1000th thread in this subforum! might as well make it useful.

i'm starting my hack from scratch, but i have most stuff planned out. does anyone who's made a fully-game hack know of a good workflow?
i desire some bigger things, but i know those will take time to do.
should i start with small stuff like graphics and levels? or graphic/quality of life things? what's a good approach to a full game hack?
i know it's my job to work on my project, but i'm just wondering what to focus on in the beginning stages
Posted on 10-30-22, 10:18 pm

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I'd suggest making a small project plan before hand, something in notepad or google docs that helps you keep track of your progress and ideas.

Definitely start small and get a feel for what you're capable of, don't try to take on a project that's to big for you to handle. (A lot of that stuff is pretty hard to pull off in NSMB in the first place)
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Posted by TruelyJohn64
I'd suggest making a small project plan before hand, something in notepad or google docs that helps you keep track of your progress and ideas.

yeah i decided to make one of those, i think it will help out a bit
Posted on 10-31-22, 01:13 am
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one thing I learned from making two full hacks is, as along the lines what John said, do start out small and only do what you know you're capable of. Most of the stuff you mentioned would take a lot of knowledge and ASM hacking, only very few know how to do stuff like that. If you make your hack looking really good, some people who know how to do it may offer to help out with your hack, as I got quite a bit of help with mine thanks to Ed_IT

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Posted on 10-31-22, 10:02 am
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Adding a complete new character is really, really hard code-wise
Newluigidev has been attempting that for some time now (on the discord server) but now he's taking a break i assume
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Posted on 11-01-22, 04:53 am
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I believe it would be a good idea to put the majority of your focus into levels at the start, since you cant really have much of a hack without em. Also, if you run into trouble, utilize NSMBHD and the NSMB hacking community. The search tool can be very useful if you use it right, and you can always ask around if youre really stuck on something. Plus there are plenty of premade graphic, music, and code resources on the board to fill any kind of skill gap and to keep your hack feeling polished.
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