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Posted on 04-28-20, 08:08 pm

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Hi guys. I just joined. I want to make an NSMB2 hack, but I don't have a 3DS and I don't know how to do NSMB hacking at all. Could someone teach me how to?
Posted on 04-28-20, 10:41 pm

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I'm afraid that without a 3DS or a romfs dump of NSMB2, you aren't going to get very far. I suggest that you nab a 2DS and a copy of NSMB2 for cheap off of eBay. You should be able to test your hacks on an actual handheld that way, too. If you're lucky, you should hopefully be able to get both for around 50 USD.

I can't tell you where to get a romfs dump online (it's against NSMBHD's rules), but you can make your own with a hacked 3DS and a copy of NSMB2 by following parts 1-2 of this GBATemp guide.

To dump the romfs of NSMB2 yourself or play your hack on a real 3DS, you're going to need to hack your 3DS. This website goes into detail about how to hack your 3DS, and what you can do with a hacked 3DS.

Part 3 of the guide on GBATemp explains how to load a dumped romfs file into CoinKiller, the NSMB2 level and tileset editor.

Part 4 explains how to use either Luma3DS or OnionFS to play your hack on a real 3DS. If using Luma3DS, simply place the modded romfs folder in the
\luma\titles\[Title ID]\
folder on your SD card, where the Title ID is the correct string of Hex characters based upon the version you're trying to modify, and enable game patching. The Title IDs should be listed in the guide.

This is probably an inadequate explanation, so feel free to leave any more questions that you might have. The people who are making SMBNext know way more about this than I do, so maybe one of them can help as well.
Posted on 04-29-20, 12:08 am

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Right now, I have Coinkiller downloaded, testing comes later. But I'm not really sure how to use it fully.
Posted on 04-29-20, 07:07 pm

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There is no point in doing that if you do now own a 3ds and the game itself.

You won't get support for working on a downloaded copy of the game.
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Posted on 04-30-20, 09:59 pm
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tutorial How to Setup CoinKiller But of course, it is highly recommended for you to get a 3DS instead of relying on emulators. Citra runs at 18FPS on my computer.
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Posted on 05-03-20, 01:17 am
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Even if you have the game and a modded 3DS, I'd honestly recommend doing most of your testing on Citra. I guess not if your computer is slow, but Citra is a lot faster than it once was and is now a viable way of testing games at full speed, especially with NSMB2 which is easily in the less demanding portion of the 3DS library. It's just much faster to test directly on emulator instead of having to copy the files to your SD card, put that in your 3DS, launch it, do the whole layeredFS thing and all of that every time you want to test something. Plus you don't get access to many useful testing tools like savestates and cheats and the like. Of course you should test on hardware to make sure it works correctly there, but you don't have to test on hardware every time.
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