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Posted on 10-14-19, 08:45 pm

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I know that something's wrong when I can jump at a certain point under the upside down cave slopes (and possibly true in other tile sets) and clip through, and suddenly find myself at the top of the platform.

Anything I can do to fix this?
Posted on 10-15-19, 05:04 am
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Go to the collision part of the tileset, find the upside-down slopes and check if they are correct.

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Posted on 10-15-19, 02:00 pm

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Pretty sure that's just the way they work, by not working
Kinda figured since you almost never see upside down slopes in the vanilla game

It's just one of those NSMBDS things (or it could be a problem with NSMBe who knows)
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Posted on 10-30-19, 10:08 pm
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you can clip into upside down slopes if you jump very precisely between two upside down slope tiles I think. it shouldn't happen most of the time if you got your behaviours right though.
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Posted on 10-31-19, 04:30 pm
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it also happens underwater as far as I know.
But if you build your levels with the slope glitch in mind, i am pretty sure you can bypass this most of the time
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