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Posted on 05-24-19, 07:48 pm
Hammer Brother

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Hello everybody, I'm back.

It's been a while, about 2¾ years since the last time I posted here (or 1¾ years if you count my secondary account). I'm not sure if most people here still know me. Maybe a lot of old members left this board in the mean-time while new ones joined.

I was banned for quite a long time. Long story short: It felt to me that NSMBHD was getting less and less active, so I thought I could become a moderator on this board and then try to change things to make it all more popular again. After being rejected and feeling ignored for the critism I had, I.. somehow started acting like a dick and doing dumb things like making fun of some people. Also, some sort of "fight" started between me and the moderators, which caused tensions. Both sides weren't acting too reasonable or mature to be honest. I'll leave further details to prevent more drama about this.

I can't remember all exact details anyway, because it's been so long. Despite that, I've regretted all this for a long time, since becoming banned after this fight and drama caused me to lose most contact with this community. Eventually, I made my secondary (anonymous) account here ( Bloom, Fairy of Fire) and I got involved in  Gota7's Nitro Studio project. In the end, it was found out it was me on that secondary account, and I got banned again. After some talking with the admins, I was offered a probation period. I had mixed feelings about it, because by that time, I had already been active on my secondary account for a long time without really doing anything wrong. I did want to talk it all out though (rather than pretending like nothing happened), but there was also some stuff in real-life going on I had on my mind. And so I became less and less active again.

It's a shame that I haven't been able to analyse everything that happened (which was quite a lot) earlier. It would've been easier to reflect on my behaviour and everything. Now that it's been so long ago, it feels harder to me to, well, cope with it and let it go. Either way, I do want to apologise for what I did. I guess that's the main point of this post. I was acting jealous and foolish. It's really disappointing that this caused me to not having been involved in the NSMB Hacking scene for the past years, since it was one of my main hobbies. I've changed now, but life is still kinda busy/messy at the moment though. Things are changing, and I'm not sure yet if I'd still be interested in actually getting very active into NSMB Hacking again.

However.. I guess I'm giving it another shot, because I have kind of missed it. It is nice to see this board is still pretty active after these years. Btw, did I miss some major events, besides the new NSMB2 subforum?

I'm not sure yet what I'll be doing here, except for interacting with the board and see what's going on here. Apart from my time and motivation, I also don't know what's still left to do as to hacking though.. I mean, is there anything, besides making a hack? A lot of things were already done before I left, so.. are there any new findings or something? I might give modelling or worldmap hacking a zillionth try sometime. Or maybe I can continue working on the Nitro Studio guide - as soon as  Gota7 finishes the new version of the tool itself.

Anyway, thanks for reading this. I'm not that good with speeches. I hope it wasn't too much, but I've been wanting to get this off my chest for some time. I hope I'm still welcome here, eh.

As to the admins and moderators, I'm open for it if any of you still feels like talking out the things that happened. I'm glad you allowed me to come back, but I also hope we can be on good terms.
Posted on 05-25-19, 02:13 am
Fire Snake
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Well hey there, it's been a while. I remember you. As far as I'm concerned, I think it's nice you're back. You haven't missed much, honestly. Newer DS released, and Endless Earth too. Sarasaland Advance is looking very promising and my hack is still getting updates every two years. As far as new findings go, there's a proper bncl and bnbl editor now, which's very nice. I guess this sorta fit in that category too. Other than that, I can't think of much else, although I'm sure I missed something.
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Posted on 05-25-19, 04:22 am
Giant Goomba
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Posted on 05-25-19, 04:51 pm

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Welcome back, long missed. Nice to see you're here again
Posted on 05-25-19, 07:32 pm

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Welcome back, KingYoshi.
Posted on 05-31-19, 06:21 pm
banned for being a pathetic pile of shit. good riddance.

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bloom was a cuter name

but nice to see you got back here, tbh you as a local mod wouldn’t be an awful idea, given your knowledge and stuff

that said code/topic knowledge doesn’t automatically mean good moderator, though it all in all depends on staffers higher up to decide what you’d be involved in

actually a good idea would be to hack in maybe a “veteran” group to show people who are known to be helpful members to the community’s members in general but aren’t staff. maybe some sorta modification to the old 2.x groups plugin could be feasible.
Posted on 06-19-19, 07:25 pm
I like all of you!

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I'm glad you are back!
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