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Posted on 12-07-18, 12:02 am
Melon Bug

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How to make and import your titlescreen logo

I've seen a lot of users asking questions about this and getting very confused. Fear not! I will aid you with this helpful step-step simple tutorial.

Step 1
The first thing you will want to do is download Ricbent's Titlescreen Editor, which can be found here:

Step 2
Unzip the file into a folder, and launch the application in it.

This should pop up. Click on "Help" then "How to use this editor?" Another window should pop up with step by step directions. At the bottom of this Window, you'll see a "Save Template as PNG" button. Click it to save the logo template.

Step 3
After saving this template, open it in any image editor. (I'm using Windows Paint, which every windows PC has by default.)

The logo I'll be using already has a transparent background. Make sure yours is too. One way to do that without spending money on another image editor is going to It's an online image editor that you can click on a color and that color turns transparent. Paint the background of your logo a color that it's not actually using though.

Step 4

Now, Open your logo in an image editor. (Here I'm using paint again.)

(Ignore the fact that it's not transparent.)

Now, click the section tool and crop the logo from the backdrop. Windows paint users, make sure that you have "transparent background" selected on the freeform crop. After cutting it out, right click the logo and click "Copy" and Paste it over the the template photo that we opened in another image editor earlier.

It should look like this:

(Ignore how crappy it looks. It's just an example.)

Make sure that you resize it into the green area. Any part outside of it will not show up.
You can also put copyright text in the red box too if you so desire.
Now, click the "Fill" button and click the green and red lines white. Save the image. (If you're gonna use lunapic for transparency, make the background a color the logo itself isn't using.)

Step 5
Insert your image in the Titlescreen Editor. It should look like this:

Save as outsource PNG, and the image will look weird after you save it, not color wise, but shape wise. It's suppose to look like that, so don't freak out.

Step 6
Open NSMBe and load your rom. Go to File Browser>Root>uiStudio

Find the file "UI_O_menu_title_logo_o_u_ncg.bin

A window will pop up. Keep that window open, and go back to the uiStudio to find the palette. The palette is: UI_O_menu_title_logo_o_u_ncl.bin. Double click and Palette viewer will pop up. Click "Add All" and on the 2D Texture Editor, the game's logo should appear.

Lower the tile width from 32 to 8 and click "Import this bitmap and recreate palette." Find your logo that you exported from the Titlescreen Editor earlier and click on it. Do this for the other 3 palettes too.

After all that, click save and close the 2D Texture Editor.

Now open your rom in DeSmuMe, and see how it looks! Hope this will help some of you out there!

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Posted on 12-07-18, 07:15 am

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Sorry, any tutorial that tells you to use MS Paint is a bad tutorial

Use Gimp or Paint.NET if you want a proper result.
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Posted on 12-07-18, 11:36 am

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Yaaaaaaay! Now I can make my custom logos!! Thank you so much for the tutorial
Posted on 12-07-18, 02:42 pm
Melon Bug

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Thanks! Also, I stated that you can use any image editor. I just used paint because it's what I used before.

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