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Posted on 08-23-18, 06:11 pm (rev. 2 by TheTimebreaker on 08-23-18, 09:32 pm)
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dedicated to everyone who wanted to see more of the green clothed plumber. Now in low 256x192 solution on your DS.

In New Super Luigi DS it is Luigi's job to save the day (yeah the princess too).


This is planned as an 8-world hack. But it will be released world by world (meaning v1.0, v1.1 etc will contain the first world, v2.x will contain World 2 and so on)
You are helping Luigi to save the princess from Bowser, Bowser Jr. and their army (very creative storyline i know).
This hack is not really hard. At least not if you don't try to collect all star coins. Then it gets hard.
Not as hard as some other hacks but defintely harder than the original game.
Pack your Fire Flowers, Mushrooms and a new pair of jumping shoes because you'll definitely need them.
Expect frustration, new music, secrets to explore and more frustration if you decide to play this game.
god i am so bad at describing things

(current) Features:
Luigi Physics: Jump higher than Mario!
Adjusted tilesets
Quality-of-life adjustments (mostly ASM hacks, see full list down in the credits)
Custom music

World 1: completed
World 2: 0 %

When will the next world be released?/Is this dead?
Read this for the first question.
If you want to know the answer of the second question: probably not. Click on my name and see if i was online recently. If I was then it's probably not dead. I am just working very veryvery slow.

Here is a playlist of all the songs I created/transcribed for the game: YouTube Playlist
Download link is also there.
(Disclaimer: The soundtrack mostly contains transcriptions of non-DS music. If a track is from an original DS game, the track won't be included in the download link because I do not own any rights on those tracks)

I am happy about every feedback given. This can be everything: bugs, suggestions, things you liked or disliked, questions, level design or whatever. Just be polite

known bugs

Credits/Thank You's

Nintendo for making the game

ASM Hacks
-  skawo Always load the correct boss particles if necessary
-  skawo Disable Titlescreen cutscene
-  skawo &  MeroMero Faster Star coins
-  MeroMero Improved Blue Shell
-  MeroMero Improved Red Coins
-  skawo Item on SELECT
-  MeroMero New Super Luigi U physics for Luigi
-  skawo Podoboo flip
-  MeroMero Star Coins are worth 4000 points
-  skawo Timed Podoboos

Direct ROM Patches (collected by  skawo, don't know if he made all of them)
- Always play as Luigi
- Disable the opening cutscene
- Disable the minigames/multiplayer/options buttons on the title screen
- Save anytime (US)
- Tower Bowser Jr. takes 18 fireballs instead of 8

RicBent for making the NSMB Titlescreen Editor
 Gota7 for making Nitro Studio
NSMBe for giving the possibility of easily editing levels
devkitPro for ASMHacking

Thank You to everyone who helped me by answering questions I had.



if more than a trailer is needed i can upload some gameplay.
If a new world is released, there will also be a new trailer.

Download the xdelta patch (current version: 1.0): Click here
Click here to find out how to apply the patch
This version was tested on my 3DS. It didn't lag but if you are encountering lag on either an emulator or on a real DS/3DS, please tell me where and how and i'll fix it as soon as possible.

What is planned for the future?
Highest priority is finishing the next world.
Besides that, probably some changes to the worlds icons.
Once figured out how to this, maybe some adjustments to the world map.
And some other stuff that comes in my mind and sounds like a cool idea.

Have fun, save the princess
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Posted on 08-23-18, 08:09 pm
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Your patch is not working, please create one using a clean ROM you never opened in any editor before.
Also it seems like you are using the wrong wall tiles in that screenshot of 1-1.
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Posted on 08-23-18, 09:36 pm
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Sorry for that. Really thought that I never opened the ROM in an editor.
Updated the thread and hope that it works now.

And yeah you are right. The wall really was the wrong tile. Will fix this in the next version.
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Posted on 08-23-18, 10:40 pm
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Wow, how long have I been waiting for this! I have to try it out!
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Posted on 09-07-18, 10:31 pm
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so i was making a hack based on new super luigi u where the timer is 99 seconds and stuff and just want to check that it is ok with you that i call it that your hack isn't that same idea as mine
Posted on 09-08-18, 01:13 am
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As long as the names are not completely identical you can use whatever name you want ;)
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Posted on 09-08-18, 02:33 am
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I think that Boochewbaca is doing a NSLU version of NSMB DS while fighter206 is doing a version of NSLU of my hack, NSMBU DS.

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Posted on 09-08-18, 12:03 pm
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I just thought Luigi deserves a spotlight on the DS.
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Posted on 09-08-18, 05:27 pm

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looks cool !
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Posted on 09-12-18, 09:10 pm
Red Goomba

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hey just wondering did you make the title screen PRESS A thing by editing in the rom file browser or with asm cause i would like to try something like that for my hack and would like to know if its easy or if its gonna be confusing or something
Posted on 09-14-18, 06:48 pm
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You have to edit/replace the file "UI_O_menu_title_o_d_ncg.bin" in the folder uistudio.
No ASM hacking needed.

@Romain thanks ^^
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Posted on 09-27-18, 04:02 pm
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Does this hack have Luigi physics? If no, then I think it's a good idea for a game which entirely played with Luigi.
Posted on 09-27-18, 06:20 pm
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My hack does have the physics from New Super Mario Bros. U/New Super Luigi U.
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Posted on 09-27-18, 07:48 pm
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Thank you, I will try it out and give some Feedback. It might take a few days tho since I am very busy with school stuff.
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