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Posted on 05-14-18, 09:00 pm
a french guy

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Just a little question,

What does negative karma means?

thanks for your help.
Posted on 05-14-18, 09:35 pm

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Well, Karma means your reputation, and other members can either add karma to you or take away karma, due to your behaviors. If it's negative, that's not so good. It means members don't like what you're doing or how you're acting. I am not saying anything because I have no actually idea why
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Posted on 05-14-18, 09:40 pm
Red Paratroopa
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^ that is correct, let me add something. If you have negative karma then users don't like how you act. That or you spam posts or post with the incorrect requirements or on the incorrect board.
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Posted on 05-14-18, 09:48 pm
Red Cheep-cheep
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Also, if your posts get deleted you get minus karma

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Posted on 05-14-18, 11:27 pm
Lantern Ghost
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Posted on 05-15-18, 10:23 pm
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I haven't seen you do anything particularly dumb though. some people might just lower the karma of everyone they see. karma is often regarded as useless though so don't mind it too much
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Posted on 05-15-18, 10:28 pm

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Yeah, karma doesn't really represent anything (esp for new users) unless you do have quite a few posts or it is really low.
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Posted on 05-22-18, 07:48 pm
a french guy

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well, thanks for your help men

and sorry for the lack of response
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