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Many hackers don't understand how pipes are done. I for one was once one of you, but after hours of trying, I taught myself how to do them. So here is the full guide to doing pipes!

Pipe type #1
Pipes from Area 1 to Area 2

These are pretty simple in reality. Let's get started!

1. First, put down a simple pipe anywhere you want.

2. Go to the entrance tab and click "New entrance", then a "normal" entrance will appear on your screen.

3. In your entrance settings, click the drop down menu, and set it to the setting your pipe is! Example: If you have a pipe facing left, then click "Pipe facing left"

4. Now, go to your 2nd Area. do exactly what you did in the first three steps in Area 2, then go back to Area 1.

5. Now in the pipe entrance settings in Area 1, Make the destination Area "2". If your pipe is going to Area 3, then type 3 instead.

6. Next, type the view your entrance is in. Example: if your entrance is in view 1, then type "view 1" in view.

7. Next, type the destination entrance ID. Example: The entrance ID in area 1 is 7, and the entrance ID in area 2 is 8. Set the destination entrance to 8 on entrance 7.

8. Now go to area 2. All you need to do in the entrance there is the view. Type in the view it's in, (step 6) and then check "Exit Only (Pipes and Doors only)"

And bam! You have a working pipe to transport Mario from Area 1 to Area 2! Sorry for the lack of screenshots, I will figure that part out lol

Now let's move on the having pipes in the same area.
Pipe type #2
Pipes in the same area. (Different views)

1. Make your pipes in the same area. Example: One in View 0 and the second in view 1. Then add your entrances onto the pipes like last time.

2. Now set the desination entrance ID on the first entrance like last time. Set the view, and check "Exit Only (Pipes and Doors only) on the 2nd entrance. Basically, do everything you did last time except leave the destination area 0.

3. That should be it! Now let's move onto the last pipe!
Pipe type #3
Pipes in the same view

These pipes are a bit more tricky.

1. Make your pipe and entrances. Pretty simple so far.

2. Go to the path tab and select "New Path"

3. Drag the path onto the right tile of the first entrance. Then, click the "+" on the path to add a node. Drag the 2nd node to the other entrance. If your pipe bends, then add a 3rd node, and put it on the corner where the pipe turns.

4. Now set the destination entrance ID on the first entrance. Set the view too!

5. Now check "Connected Pipe" on both entrances. If you wish for it to be one-way, check "Exit Only (Pipes and Doors only) on the 2nd entrance.

6. Make a connected pipe ID. Example: Entrance 1: Connected Pipe ID: 6. Entrance 2: Connected Pipe ID: 6.

7: Change the Path ID to the same as the connected pipe ID.

Also, if you don't understand this, look at 7-A to see how the pipes there are set!

And that's it! If there's any questions or you don't understand a step, please comment!


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apologies for the bump, but I'd like to add that there's a wiki page that explains connected pipes with some nice visuals and stuff
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