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Posted on 11-14-16, 05:26 pm (rev. 7 by ImageBot on 11-21-16, 03:25 am)
Red Paragoomba

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Hello guys, i recently started my NSMB Hack (its still Unnamed, but if you have any ideia for the name you can reply to this post with your suggestion)

Well first of all i will show the PLANNED features for this hack:
1. 5 NEW levels per World
2. 5 NEW Mario Vs Luigi stages
3. Custom Intro Cutscene
4. Custom Worldmap
5. Custom Titlescreen
And many others...

Also if you guys could contribute by sending me levels to use in my hack it would be great.



Current progress:


Special Thanks/Credits:

-  Dirbaio (Use of his no sprite limitation ASM hack for Mario Vs Luigi).
-  skawo (Answering many of my questions & some ASM hacking).
-  MarioKart7z (Answering some of my questions)
- mico (For changing the WorldMap textures)
Posted on 11-14-16, 05:46 pm
Red Paratroopa
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Looks really promising! Though I don't think you should ask people to make level for you.
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Posted on 11-14-16, 06:23 pm
I Am Not Inteligent

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That level looks great, though you should remember (for future reference) that levels must be created from scratch – that is, erasing the whole level (the ground, views, zones…) and build it yourself.

And yeah, asking for help and wanting others to make levels for you right away is not a good idea, in my opinion. I'm sure you can do it alone. ;)

I cannot…
Posted on 11-14-16, 09:53 pm
Red Goomba
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Posted by Pika_boy16
Good Graphics

I don't want to be that killjoy but...
He didn't make half of those graphics...

Don't hate me plz
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Posted on 11-15-16, 10:38 am
Larry Koopa
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Aesthetically, the hack looks very clean and well organized, but from a level design perspective it borrows heavily from the existing NSMB level design.

My recommendation for every new level is to wipe the old level clean, start off with a new tileset and sprite sets, and design a level from the ground up. It gives your hack a personal signature and players don't experience deja vu playing through modified levels.
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look definitely good, i liked the world 4 map , it would be good if you can change all the maps styles... and i also noticed that the level 1-1 still look like the original one... try to wipe the old level clean before u start i also have an idea for you : you can just take a hack from super merio world open it with magic lunar and take ideas from there it could be helpful to made an awesome hack

have a nice day
Posted on 12-07-16, 01:25 pm
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I'm not gonna lie, that W4 map is pretty darn excellent. Good job.

The level design could use some work though, yeah.

Game progress:

Completion Marks

Posted on 12-07-16, 02:01 pm

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I think the WMap was made by mico though.
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