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Posted on 01-05-16, 09:04 am

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Yes, this is the first part of all the NSML stuff.

At first two screenshots showing what you will get:

1.) Download this pack:

2.) Replace BG_ncl/d_2d_A_J_jyutyo_R_ncl.bin and obj/I_enemy_R_ncl.bin. You can also replace an other Jyutyo color if you want, but we'll go with red in this case.

3.) Replace polygon_unit/evt_tclod1_a.nsbtx with the one in the pack.

4.) Now go to any level. It has to use an entirely black palette (an example one is also in the pack // Snow (Night).nmt).

5.) The most important part: Place 8 times sprite 324 with the spritedata "00 00 00 B0 00 00". How it works: 2d "things" like tilesets bgs, goombas, etc. can only be affected by one FG Effect. So we place a lot of them in a level with an high opacity, so the BG is only slightly darker while all 3d stuff is black.

6.) Now the tricky part: As you might know the Jyutyo colors are bound to the BG by an table in an overlay. Luckyly there is already a tutorial for that: Just set some BG to red.

7.) Select the BG you modified.

8.) Done

The example level in the pack requires an BG in slot 67 which is set to "red" in the overlay. It uses the "Snow (Night)" tileset.

Use this wherever you want. Credit would be greatly apprechiated.
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Posted on 01-21-16, 11:49 pm

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Wow. This is really cool! I wonder why no one ever thought of this before... I guess I'll be using this in my hack.
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