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Posted on 01-10-18, 05:32 pm

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Version 2.5 is out now. The Xdelta has been tested this time and it works with unmodified USA ROMs.

New coin and time icons (for the top screen HUD)
Beta music restored
Posted on 01-14-18, 02:25 am
Red Goomba

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Posted by OneOf99
You can't help loving those uneven star coins.

It really adds an emphasis to the 1st star coin unintentionally.
Posted on 10-02-18, 01:01 pm

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Version 2.6 of this hack has been released, with improved SFX, and more.
Posted on 10-02-18, 03:00 pm

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Good luck
Posted on 10-05-18, 08:31 am (rev. 2 by DeadSkullzJr on 10-05-18, 10:41 pm)

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Edited Comment:

I decided to go the extra mile and fix the issue myself. All I did was download the pre-patched version he provided (won't tell you where as downloading ROM's is illegal, unless it is custom homebrew or things of the sorts.) and created a fresh 2.6 patch for the proper dump (the Psyfer dump is actually a proper dump as well so it doesn't matter if you use that dump or not). I also decided to upload it into my collection on MEGA. Full documentation on the dump needed for the patch and where to download the patcher tool (xDelta UI) is in the readme text document I provided in the link below. Enjoy guys!

New Super Mario Bros. - Alpha Replica Collection: (Patches only for legal purposes.)!UYhwBaRI!Z7i7S-WRcfySLiKGHgobGA
Posted on 05-06-19, 05:25 pm

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After a long break, I've finally released the version 2.7. This version includes slight GFX improvements and slign design changes on levels 1-1, 1-2, 1-3 and basically, most of the World 1 levels.
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