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Posted on 03-21-16, 04:18 am
I Am Not Inteligent

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Posted by Mariomeister
I don't quite know if doing a compleate world in that theme would fit my level design very well.

I would personally like to see, like, two levels with that theme (factory), but not an entire world. It's up to you.

Posted by Mariomeister
Also I dislike levels which are only based on puzzles and not on good level design.

I believe that puzzles ≠ bad level design. Not necessarily because the level is a maze in which you have to solve little quizzes and stuff it inherently is bad designed; it depends on the creator whether to focus on a nice layout AND the puzzles. Perhaps you don't like those kind of levels? Don't make them. Just do a simply factory-themed level/world/whatever.

Nevertheless, I am looking forward to the new world you're gonna make. Wish you the best.

I could not…
Posted on 05-29-16, 10:01 am
Giant Goomba

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Posted by Mariomaster
Currently I'm thinking about which world theme will be the first I'll work on. If you'd like to take part on that decision, vote here:

I voted other for a sky thing with mushrooms.
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I think you didn't quite quoted correctly xD

Anyways, I already started working on the Forest theme.
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Posted on 06-14-16, 10:08 pm

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Looks very cool!
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