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98% of me is in heaven thanks to this. Sorry for being a pain in the butt on YouTube.

Find out more about it here:
Posted on 12-31-16, 08:37 pm
Skawo fan

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Hello there ! Skawo, what do you still have to do before a public release ?
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* Mariomaster runs
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Skawo fan

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Buet what meen smiley I want play gamez newar!!! OK, more seriously, what's wrong with my question? Or is it because I only have 2 posts? o.o
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Posted by StarTrekVoyager
What's wrong with my question? Or is it because I only have 2 posts? o.o

Well, by the way they reacted to your post, we can assume that they have a lot of things to do before the release
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Posted on 01-01-17, 02:48 pm
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Oh, OK then, that was the worst thing to ask about
Posted on 01-04-17, 08:00 pm
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This hack looks pretty cool!

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Posted on 01-07-17, 05:44 am
The Dumbest Name EVER

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When will this hack be available? I can't wait to play this awesome hack.
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Please. It'll be released when Skawo and the Newer Team finishes. Sorry for the backseat moderating, Mariomaster and other mods, I know I shouldn't really be doing this, but I just have to post this, as comments like the one above are geting annoying. Stop asking about when it'll be released, how much there is to finish, etc. Not talking about anyone in particular, but there are a lot of new members who constantly ask about this hack's completion and, again, it's really annoying. Skawo doesn't have a release date. If you really want an answer, it's 98% complete, which means it'll likely be released within a few months. No promises though.
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Posted on 01-07-17, 03:53 pm
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Well, I never asked for a release date and honestly I don't care as long as the game itself is good. I just asked this question in an informative manner and Nothing else. I know that hacking is really tough and difficult, and I would never want to be asked every two secs about a release date if I was working on some project. So nevermind, if my question was inappropriate, I'm really sorry
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i personally think he just needs to release it we have been waiting sense 2014 for this to come out isn't there a rule where you cant post it if it has no download. honestly this is stupid we have all been waiting for way to long. he should of released a mini-demo with in the 1st week of posting this but no he never released a demo.
Posted on 01-07-17, 09:21 pm

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I personally think you just need to shut the fuck up.
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I'm actually tempted to accept requests for banning those who persist on OMG RELEASE or OMG WHEN WILL IT BE DONE
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Posted by YoshiFan74
[...] isn't there a rule where you cant post it if it has no download.

Posted by Dirbaio
You do not need to provide a download link to a demo of your hack. Your decision whether or not to release a demo will be respected [...]

Also: You probably don't know much about that but making a hack, especially one as big as this, is a shit load of work. So show a bit of respect and (sorry) shut the fuck up.

Sorry for backseat moderating but I am really annoyed of posts like this as well... Maybe banning those users (maybe just from this sub forum) would really be a good idea...
Posted on 01-07-17, 09:31 pm
in business again

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YoshiFan74 please stop posting until you have read the rules thoroughly. thank you.
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and so here we are, NSMBHDing again, I guess
Posted on 01-07-17, 09:38 pm (rev. 1 by  skawo on 01-07-17, 09:49 pm)

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And for people who aren't total dicks, here are some updates: We're working on the final castle. I've made two new sprites just for it with the help of RoadrunnerWMC and Mariomaster is working on a custom final boss.

After that, I still have to do something about the ending and opening cutscenes and finish that secret project.

Posted on 01-07-17, 09:55 pm (rev. 1 by  newluigidev on 01-07-17, 09:56 pm)

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7-4 reminds me of SMB3 . Nice job skawo, (& WMC, Mariomaster) take as much time needed, because I'd rather have a complete hack and not a rushed one just so people like YoshiFan74 will be pleased.
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Posted on 01-07-17, 10:32 pm

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well it dose look very nice and sorry i thought there was a rule where you have to post a demo. but i still believe it is redundant that we have been waiting sense 2014 for this to come out.
Posted on 01-07-17, 10:43 pm
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If this hack had been released in 2014 it would've been a very incomplete hack.
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