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Oh, it's rarely that users do have problems with .nmp and not .xdelta
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Posted by Fluorescent
Posted by Mariomaster
What's the problem of that though?

He's an android user
He can't patch it with .nmp

I can patch with both, it's just that nmp always works and xdelta doesn't always work.
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For xdelta you have to be told the /exact same rom/ release.

I'm going to specify precisely the filename you're supposed to get and use the first google result for it.
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Which is fine, because .nmp patches won't be supported anyway.

EDIT: I didn't notice the thread continued to the next page. My response was to the last post of the previous page.
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Or you can just use bps which will error out if it's the wrong rom.
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XDELTA does error out on wrong rom.

So, here's a fun bit of news. I managed to do this: (read description)
Posted on 10-26-16, 06:31 am
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That's awesome! Is this limited to music, or could you potentially make this work with tilesets and backgrounds too?

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Mero already did.
Posted on 10-26-16, 09:21 am
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Oh, nice! So will loading more than 1 tileset per level ever be a thing?
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Posted by cros107
Oh, nice! So will loading more than 1 tileset per level ever be a thing?

If yes, then 3-tileset-layers-like-in-NSMBW ASM hack confirmed?????
(though i doubt it cuz RAM limitations. Maybe he can make the game use the NDS Browser RAM pack...)
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Never with the NSMBDS engine. You'd have to do an insane amount of patches to allow that.

Also the NDS is probably not powerfull enough to do the rendering job for 3 seperate layers.

The most impossible thing is the Layer infront Mario. 2D bg tiles can never be rendered infront 3D sprites.
You'd have to create your own render system for these which would rely on OAM objects, which would cause an insane slowdown if they are used to much. Also the OAM tiles/pallettes are limited as well.

All in all: Never

Edit: And remember: Replacing stuff is "easy". Adding not.
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I kinda doubt the "NDS not powerful enough to do 3 layers" thing. I mean, it can use the 3D hardware, can it not? But maybe about the NSMB engine thing.
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I'd like to ask how will the recent advancements in ASM hacking affect the release of the hack. It's no mystery that You strive for utmost quality and always improve even levels that are done. Will those new hacks (unlimited music/tilesets) affect the release date of the hack a lot? I was hoping to play it for this years christmas, but I understand that You might want to re-do and include a lot more content now, which is of course great and I want to play the best game possible.
Thanks in advance for answer
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I'm hoping to still make a 2016 release.

That said, there are questions I will need to ask myself. For example, let's tentatively say custom world maps would be possible. Should I include those? They'd push the release back a lot.
Posted on 10-27-16, 04:11 pm

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Why not release a demo?
However, it is not a normal demo, but a demo of eight unique levels, eventually you could export eight levels from your hack and place in a clean rom, so everyone could at least try to level
Posted on 10-27-16, 04:12 pm

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Let's waste time putting together a demo

Great idea.
Posted on 10-27-16, 04:17 pm

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The world maps aren't a crucial part of the gameplay and those that I saw in Your YT videos looked very good. That being said I know that those are 'just' retextures, and fully custom maps (I assume 3D models, unless a 2D map engine would be created similar to Newer Wii) would increase the quality of the hack. I guess it depends on Your motivation to spend a lot of time on something like that, I certainly wouldn't want You to lose motivation towards the end like in the case of Another Super Mario 3D, especially since it's a lot of work for what is pretty much a visual change.
Posted on 10-27-16, 04:22 pm

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That's what I'm thinking myself, but like, every second question I get is "Will there be custom maps"
Posted on 10-27-16, 04:28 pm
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I could make the demo for you.

Anyways, whenever it comes out, you should be comfortable with the results. You won't want a hack without something you wanted it to have. Also, releasing it on a holiday might be a smart move.

I could not…