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Posted on 01-27-15, 11:13 pm

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Also Skawo, it wouldn't hurt if you add the NewerSMBW tower theme. Yeah pointless to say.
I hope this hack comes to be very special.
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Posted on 01-28-15, 09:24 am (rev. 4 by  skawo on 01-28-15, 09:32 am)

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I can't use the tower theme in that little room because the level uses the area overflow and it'd cause the music to weirdly restart. Even if I could do it, though, I'm not sure I would; I'd want to put SOMETHING there to differentiate the outside area from the inside, and usually I'd do that by putting in some wind sfx, something I cannot do on the DS.

the tension

What tension? It's a Mario game, guys
Posted on 01-28-15, 10:47 am
Roy Koopa

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Even in a Mario game there is a little bit of tension x)
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Posted on 01-29-15, 12:13 am

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Yes I loved newer for the Wii can't wait tell the ds newer comes out
Posted on 02-06-15, 11:35 pm (rev. 1 by  pinet on 02-07-15, 12:04 am)

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Excuse my English. I'm from Brazil.

I would like to congratulate the excellent preview of the "Newer" for DS that I see.

The "Newer" Wii experience:
I had the opportunity to play the "Newer" for Wii. I bought the original NSMBW just to add the patch. Extended the console's lifetime for a few more months. If the final design for the DS becomes half of what exists for Wii, the project will be a success.

The harmony of "Newer" for DS:
From the perspective of an end user (like me) who just like to run and jump,
levels are not difficult, but thoroughly interesting. This is very good.

There is only a necessary amount of enemies. This is great.
There is no complex hidden pipes or impossible puzzles. This is excellent!
Everything in "Newer" for DS seems to be carefully intuitive. There arrows indicating the path or well-defined patterns in the mushroom platforms.

Final comments (of this comment):
"Newer" for DS seems to be in great harmony. There seems to be a balance between new, fun and difficult. You must have a great team of beta-testers, or an excellent nose to know what the end user really like.
I am thoroughly impressed!
Once again, congratulations.

[] - Pinet.
Posted on 02-26-15, 03:50 pm
Red Paragoomba

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Judging by the previews, this hack is going to be pretty amazing. There's just enough ASM and texture edits for it to be a masterpiece, but unlike most hacks that go down the ASM route, this one seems simple enough to not have the ROM break during mid-development as a result of trying too hard.

I do have one question though... how did you get rid of the buttons on the title screen? I'd love to be able to do this for my hack since my plans to do M vs L levels have gone down the toilet.
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Posted on 02-26-15, 04:32 pm
Giant Goomba
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Posted on 03-06-15, 10:02 pm (rev. 1 by  skawo on 03-06-15, 10:03 pm)

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Progress update:

Uh... What progress? Yeah, there hasn't been much, as my entire free time was either consumed by school or editing videos for my channel. I did, however, finish a few levels and also changed the World 5 map, albeit rather slightly. I will now be moving onto making World 6, theme of which you may be able to discern by watching Preview 4:
Posted on 03-07-15, 10:32 pm
Giant Red Koopa

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Woah, your done up to W5 O.O?

Anyway, its cool to see someone doing something cool with the cannon for once, I wonder how you will do W6 as NSMB DS lacks a lot of the Wii stuff you had used in Newer.
I wanna do something but meh.

Posted on 03-08-15, 01:17 pm

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No, Worlds 3 and 4 aren't done.
Posted on 03-08-15, 05:11 pm
Giant Goomba
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This is pretty cool. But will it be still possible to reach W6 the normal way? It would be a bit lame because the cannon way is much better
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Posted on 03-08-15, 06:40 pm (rev. 1 by  Hiccup on 03-09-15, 03:10 pm)
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I guessed that World 5 castle would lead onto it, if you know what I mean.

EDIT: I never thought of that ↓.
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Posted on 03-08-15, 07:08 pm

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I wouldn't say that so adamantly,  Hiccup, while I agree it would be the most sensible option, remember we can change the bytes that command what world the player will be sent to upon clearing a castle
Posted on 03-08-15, 10:04 pm (rev. 1 by  skawo on 03-08-15, 10:04 pm)

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It all depends on if I can change the layout of worlds on the bottom screen. If it's possible to make it so that the lines are different, then World 5 castle will lead to World 7. Otherwise, it'll have to be normal.
Posted on 03-09-15, 12:20 pm

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There's always a failsafe solution in case you can't rearrange the map; you can always make the paths transparent, that way you can make whatever route fits your boat.

Sure if you can modify the paths, the better but realistically, no one will bat an eyelid if the paths are gone missing.
Posted on 03-09-15, 04:40 pm

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Sure, it definitely is an option.
Posted on 03-23-15, 10:02 pm

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Preview 5 was uploaded:

As far as progress goes, there's that level, two tilesets, two songs, that bg and the W6 worldmap retexture.
Posted on 03-24-15, 02:06 am
Wendy Koopa
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Makes me wish I'd spent more time with the Mini Mario physics. Excellent design as usual.
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Posted on 03-24-15, 02:47 am

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How did you get the space physics?
Posted on 03-24-15, 03:03 am
Wendy Koopa
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Posted by sonic1000
How did you get the space physics?

Tick "force Mario to use Mini Mario physics" in the level editor.
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Winning a race is hard, but winning a race where everyone's trying to come 5th would be much harder.
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