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Super Mario
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Frequently Asked Questions

Note: This is a copy-paste from Jul. I still have to move each topic to its correct forum!

Getting the Editor to work
I can't run it! halp!
A: Check to make sure you have the .NET Framework 2.0 installed. (If you're on Vista, you should already have it.) If not, download THIS

I don't have Windows, can I use it?
As from version 4.4, it works on Mono:

In Debian-based Linux, you can install mono and run NSMBe by typing this into a terminal:
sudo apt-get install mono mono NSMBe5.exe

Where do I get a NSMB ROM?
Ask google:

Level Editing
How do I edit paths? What do they do?
Paths are used for some things in the game - most notably: the autoscrolling camera, a few enemies such as Dorrie (World 4's ridable dinosaur), block trains and connected pipes.

To edit them: Each path should automatically have at least one point.
Hold down Ctrl and drag from a point to add a new one.
Hold down Shift to snap to 8 pixels.
Hold down Alt and click on a point to delete it.
Hold down Control and Alt and drag a point to move the whole path
Delete all the points in a path to delete the whole path.

Are there any shortcuts I can use when editing levels?
Hold Control and Drag to clone objects, sprites or entrances.
Hold Shift and drag an object to resize it.
Hold Shift and drag an entrance to make it snap to 8x8 pixel grid.
Hold the Right mouse button and drag to scroll the level view.

How can I get a ? block or a Brick block with a Blue koopa shell?
You can't. Instead, you can place a Blue Koopa in your level. It will give you the powerup when you stomp it.

The camera in my level doesn't go up!!
You need to modify the camera settings for your level. Currently the editor doesn't let you change them, so you'll have to hex edit the level. Follow these steps:

- On the level chooser, select world 1-2a area 1 (That one because its camera settings work as we want it to)
- Click "Hex Edit"
- Select Block 2 (on the top)
- Select ALL and copy it (Control+C like in any text editor)
- Close the hex editor.

- Now select your level
- Click "Hex edit"
- Select Block 2
- Erase everything in the block
- Paste (Control+V)
- Save
- Close

Tileset Editing
How can I edit a tileset?
There are two ways:
- From the Tools tab on the main window, select Tileset Editor and select the tileset to edit.
- When editing a level, click on the "Edit Tileset" button on the toolbar to quickly open the tileset in the tileset editor.

How can I import / export the graphics from the tileset?
Edit the tileset, select Export Graphics, edit them with your favourite editor, and then click Import Graphics. It will take some seconds to import.

My imported graphics appear with a black / white / random color BG instead of transparent.
You need to edit the tileset graphics in an editor that supports transparency.
Most good editors support it. GIMP, Photoshop, Paint.NET, etc.
I recommend GIMP. It's free and it's very powerful. You can get it Here

Where's a list of all the tile behaviors?
Background Editing

What's the "Change File" button?
The Change File button reassigns the BG to use different files.
For example, on the Top BG Layer, slots 9 and 10 are both the beach cliffs. They point to the same files, so if you modify one, the other one will get modified to.

With the Change File button, you are able to make one of the BG slots point to different files, so that you'll be able to reuse it, to add a new BG instead of replacing another one.

For example, you want to change slot 10. Then you select Slot 10, and then look in the file browser what files you want to overwrite. I recommend you overwrite the files in the ARCHIVE folder. Except the Dat_***.narc files, all of them are used for minigames. Let's say you want to overwrite bomthrow.narc, card.narc and casino.narc. They are File Id's 136, 137, 138. So, go to the box next to the Change File button and input "136" and click the button. Then import something into the BG slot. You'll see that the narc's have been replaced with the BG data, and that slot 9 still has the beach cliffs.

Note: you can't add files to a ROM, so you're forced to overwrite files from the minigames. Of course, they'll stop working but that doesnt matter.

Posted on 07-01-11, 02:19 am
Buster Beetle

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Dirbaio, as I am sure you know, you can edit the camera in levels using the editor. You use the new revision, and select the camera settings you want in the view. Just look for one in the original NSMB rom that you want, and copy the settings into your view. You can use multiple camera views per level with this method.

I know you, copied and pasted from posts on the other board...But this is just an update to the above.
Posted on 07-01-11, 01:45 pm
Super Mario
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Oh, true
I will update it as sono as I get home.
Anyways this FAQ needs to be separated by themes and put in the other subforums.
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Is there a editor for mac?
Posted on 07-17-11, 05:55 pm
Full mod

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To run NSMBe on mac, you will have to use Mono.
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The tileset Editing doesn't work. There is no "Export graphics".
Posted on 08-13-13, 03:56 pm
Super Mario
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Posted by Jay
The tileset Editing doesn't work. There is no "Export graphics".

It's moved in newer versions of the editor. Go to the Graphics tab, then use "Import/Export all bitmaps with all palettes"
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How to export soundtrack from nsmbe?
Posted on 07-31-19, 02:10 pm
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Um... what .net do you download on Windows 10?
Posted on 07-31-19, 05:47 pm
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I don't think you have to download .net. should come preinstalled with your PC.
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Posted on 03-25-21, 01:40 pm
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Hello everybody, I'm new here. Is there anybody who can explain to me how to use vine with Mario clone on flying ? block (sprite 290)? Because whenever I hit the block, the block does not change and Mario does not come out of it. In another level I edited, it worked but now it doesn't. HELP ME PLEASE!!!

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Posted on 03-25-21, 07:31 pm (rev. 2 by  alpha on 03-25-21, 07:34 pm)
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Could you detail the question better so that we can help you ?, friend

you should ask this in, hacking tutorials, they will pay more attention to you there, friend
Posted on 03-25-21, 08:07 pm
Red Goomba
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I want to do a level with sprite 290 (flying ? block) and I'm using "Vine with Mario Clone" as "Item". In a level that I edited before it worked: a Mario came out of the block climbing in a vine, an every move you took, he took it too. Now, in the level I'm editing, I touch the block and nothing happens. See if you can help me

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Posted on 03-25-21, 10:51 pm
Red Koopa
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well, i never used that sprite, but i understand your problem, mario comes out in a vine, because that's what it says in the block configuration, but i used it in one area and it worked, and then i used it in another area and it worked, but I can help you, friend , first:

place the same settings of the level in which the flying block worked, in the level that does not work, or copy the object and paste it in the level that is causing problems

If it doesn't work let me know, ok
Posted on 03-26-21, 01:10 pm
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I found the problem: I was using Luigi
I don't know why it didn't work with Luigi, but it works with Mario.
Thanks for the help

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Posted on 03-26-21, 01:36 pm
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I will investigate with Luigi to see, friend
Posted on 04-07-21, 01:13 pm

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Hello, I would like to know how to modify the NSMB code to change the title screen and the file selection screen.
Thank you in advance for your help.
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