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Posted on 09-17-14, 05:37 pm

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I'm quite late in making a review for your hack, but hey! Better late than never, right?
Since I didn't complete the whole beta of the World 4 nor downloaded the new patch that you provided (though I will do it soon), I will make a review of the hack in general.

So, let's start...
After playing about 2 worlds, I was quite astonished about the fact that you destroyed the whole purpose of the levels in the original NSMB and created a new gimmick...simliar to the one in the Mini-Mario Mayhem's series. And yes, I'm talking seriously. Of course, the controls, worlds and enemies are the same (Captain Obvious talkign right here), but I still had much fun playing your hack.

I mean, the levels are somehow puzzling and they require you to have a good eye, brain (thing that I don't have ), skills and the thing that should've played (and maybe 100% completed) the game. And no, I'm not saying that is very difficult...I mean every NSMB hack requires you that you've atleast played the original game. Duh.
I also like the thing of the retrò tileset...I know that is a bit unoriginal, but it's still good to see the good ol' graphics of the past 2D games.

And that's it. This is my review...I know that it's a bit ridiculous and useless, but I wanted to give a small opinion of mine about this hack.
Posted on 09-17-14, 05:46 pm

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awesome hack! i will download it if you upload some day the full version!
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