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Posted on 02-11-17, 06:32 am in Background Rips From MKWii (rev. 1 by  Sierra on 02-11-17, 06:41 am)

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Here are some rips from mkwii that I made into nsmb backgrounds.

DK Jungle Parkway:

Shy Guy Beach:

Grumble Volcano:

Mushroom Gorge:

More coming soon...

Have fun!
Posted on 08-03-16, 05:50 am in Newer Sunset Adventure (rev. 1 by ImageBot on 11-21-16, 03:22 am)

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Why Hello Everybody! Welcome to my thread for "Newer Sunset Adventure" This hack is a one world mini hack! I got the idea from Newer Summer Sun made by The "NewerTeam", btw full credit goes to them for the idea!


Coming Soon...

The Story

One day Mario and Princess Peach got invited to the once every five years Unagi Festival on Unagi Island, Unagi Island was once one of the most visited places off the coast of the Mushroom Kingdom, but when they got there, there was no civilization, and there was no place to stay, Mario and Peach walked around a bit, but no luck finding anybody... When they got back to the landing spot, Peach had mysteriously gone missing, could Bowser be up to his usual plans again? Or is it a new villain...

This Hack Will Include The Following.

1) An epic brand new worldmap with great graphics made by me and my cousin!
2) Brand new backgrounds!
3) A Total of 8 brand new fun levels to play!
4) Music Ported from Mario Kart DS
5) and last but not least... Our best friend Unagi The Eel

And how could I leave you without:


Snakeblock Has helped a lot with the graphics design!
My Cousin has helped make some worldmap textures!
Nintendo has helped by making the original game, if you like this game, you should go support Nintendo by buying their products!
Posted on 02-07-17, 04:59 am in Dimensional Jumpers DS (rev. 2 by  Sierra on 02-08-17, 07:45 pm)

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Hey everyone! I have made a hack once before, but lost all of the files to continue it, so here is my new hack "Dimensional Jumpers DS", this is a full hack based upon a huge NSMB2 hack that was in development but got cancelled due to some issues.


The Story

One day, Mario and Co. decided to go for a walk, but then, Luigi spotted a giant bluish purple portal in the background, and so they went to go check it out, leaving peach behind, but little did they know that Bowser would be up to his evil plans once again! Mario and Luigi heard peach yelling for help, but it was too late, Bowser had already taken her through the "Dimensional Portal"... are Mario & Luigi brave enough to enter the portal to save Princess Peach?

This Hack Promises:

1) 8 all new worlds and never before seen world themes!
2) Brand new backgrounds!
3) 80 all new fun and creative levels to play!
4) A new soundtrack, with remixes and original songs!
5) New enemies!
6) Amazing level detail!
7) A load of new and updated graphics!
8) Last but not least... a demo very soon!

Here are some...


Snakeblock made some of these tilesets that are seen, such as the Oasis!
Asprok for helping me make a custom .sseq, and for giving me some tips and advice!
SaturnYoshi for making the Ruins Tileset!
Gota7 for helping me import custom map icons!
Anybody from the "Models Resource" who has ripped the models I have used!
Finally, the rest of this community, thank you!
Posted on 08-07-16, 08:02 pm in How to delete levels from world map? (answered!) (rev. 1 by  Sierra on 08-07-16, 08:02 pm)

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Posted on 04-10-17, 12:50 am in Other Super Mario Bros. U (rev. 1 by  Sierra on 04-23-17, 05:44 am)

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Other Super Mario Bros. U aims to be the first full fan-made hack of New Super Mario Bros. U that includes all new levels, graphics and music. We're nearly halfway done with this project and could use a few extra volunteers to help us get this done as soon as possible!

  • 82 new unique levels
  • Some texture modifications
  • Original and remixed music



Team Members (in no particular order):  Sierra, Toms,  Gota7, Mayro, DisOmikron, ClefferNotes,  SnakeBlock, Brenden
Posted on 07-21-16, 12:15 am in The obligatory introduction thread (rev. 1 by  Sierra on 01-30-17, 08:36 pm)

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Hi, I'm Sierra, I am new to the community, but I sure am not a noobie at hacking!
Posted on 07-26-16, 09:09 pm in Sound File Documentation

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So, I've been going through all of the music files lately, and I've been translating them for you all.

Keep in mind, this list is not complete yet, if you would like to tell me to add one to the list that you've found, then go right ahead!

Music List

BGM_TRIDE = Tower Theme

BGM_ MUTEKI = Starman Theme

BGM_HUGE = Mega Mario Theme

BGM_COURSE_CLEAR = Course Clear Jingle

BGM_DOWN = Lose Life

BGM_SABAKU = Desert Theme

BGM_BOSS = Castle Boss Theme

BGM_CHIKA = Underground Theme

BGM_MAME = Bonus Theme

BGM_WATER3 = Underwater Theme

BGM_KAZAN_SOTO = Volcano (Above Ground)

BGM_SAMPLE = Dupe Credits Sample

BGM_SANBASHI = Beach Theme

BGM_KUPPAJR = Bowser Jr. Tower Fight Theme

BGM_OBAKE = Ghost House Theme

BGM_SHIRO = Castle Theme

BGM_SWITCH = P-Switch Jingle

BGM_FINAL_CLEAR = Final Boss Clear Jingle

BGM_GAMEOVER = Game Over Jingle

BGM_FINAL_KUPPA = Final Battle Theme

BGM_BOSS_CLEAR = Tower/Castle Boss Clear Jingle

BGM_ATHLETIC = Athletic Theme

BGM_MINIGAME = Toad House Theme

BGM_CHIJOU_CONT = Grassland Theme

BGM_SELECT = Title Screen Theme

BGM_GOAL_FANFARE2 = Double Digit Flag Pole Jingle

BGM_VS_STAGE = MvsL Stage Theme

BGM_VS_FAN_LOOP = Multiplayer Results (I Think)

BGM_CHIJO = Alternate Grassland Theme

BGM_WORLD1 = World 1 Grassland Map Theme

BGM_WORLD2 = World 2 Desert Map Theme

BGM_WORLD3 = World 3 Beach Map Theme

BGM_WORLD4 = World 4 Jungle Map Theme

BGM_WORLD5 = World 5 Snowy Tundra Map Theme

BGM_WORLD6 = World 6 Mountains Map Theme

BGM_WORLD7 = World 7 Sky Map Theme

BGM_WORLD8 = World 8 Lavaland Map Theme

BGM_ENDING = Staff Roll

BGM_OPENING_DEMO1 = Opening Cutscene Part 1 Theme

BGM_OPENING_DEMO2 = Opening Cutscene Part 2 Theme

BGM_KUPPACLEAR_DEMO = Moment Of Love (Peach Is Saved)

Have Fun Hacking!
Posted on 02-04-17, 08:33 pm in Grand Star (Star Coin) (rev. 2 by  Sierra on 02-17-17, 07:21 pm)

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Hello everybody! I decided to upload this because it was originally made for my hack, but I wasn't able to replace the "collected" star coin, so the only model replaced here is the star coin, still cool anyways though.

Also if you use it, credit me please
thanks, have fun hacking!


Posted on 07-26-16, 09:55 pm in Sound File Documentation

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oh... I didn't know there was already one, well, I was just trying to be helpful.
Posted on 07-27-16, 12:26 am in Sound File Documentation

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I know, I just didn't want to sound rude and be all like *Oh I am keeping this anyways!* because I'm actually not like that I just wanted to be helpful
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