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Posted on 07-26-16, 09:09 pm

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So, I've been going through all of the music files lately, and I've been translating them for you all.

Keep in mind, this list is not complete yet, if you would like to tell me to add one to the list that you've found, then go right ahead!

Music List

BGM_TRIDE = Tower Theme

BGM_ MUTEKI = Starman Theme

BGM_HUGE = Mega Mario Theme

BGM_COURSE_CLEAR = Course Clear Jingle

BGM_DOWN = Lose Life

BGM_SABAKU = Desert Theme

BGM_BOSS = Castle Boss Theme

BGM_CHIKA = Underground Theme

BGM_MAME = Bonus Theme

BGM_WATER3 = Underwater Theme

BGM_KAZAN_SOTO = Volcano (Above Ground)

BGM_SAMPLE = Dupe Credits Sample

BGM_SANBASHI = Beach Theme

BGM_KUPPAJR = Bowser Jr. Tower Fight Theme

BGM_OBAKE = Ghost House Theme

BGM_SHIRO = Castle Theme

BGM_SWITCH = P-Switch Jingle

BGM_FINAL_CLEAR = Final Boss Clear Jingle

BGM_GAMEOVER = Game Over Jingle

BGM_FINAL_KUPPA = Final Battle Theme

BGM_BOSS_CLEAR = Tower/Castle Boss Clear Jingle

BGM_ATHLETIC = Athletic Theme

BGM_MINIGAME = Toad House Theme

BGM_CHIJOU_CONT = Grassland Theme

BGM_SELECT = Title Screen Theme

BGM_GOAL_FANFARE2 = Double Digit Flag Pole Jingle

BGM_VS_STAGE = MvsL Stage Theme

BGM_VS_FAN_LOOP = Multiplayer Results (I Think)

BGM_CHIJO = Alternate Grassland Theme

BGM_WORLD1 = World 1 Grassland Map Theme

BGM_WORLD2 = World 2 Desert Map Theme

BGM_WORLD3 = World 3 Beach Map Theme

BGM_WORLD4 = World 4 Jungle Map Theme

BGM_WORLD5 = World 5 Snowy Tundra Map Theme

BGM_WORLD6 = World 6 Mountains Map Theme

BGM_WORLD7 = World 7 Sky Map Theme

BGM_WORLD8 = World 8 Lavaland Map Theme

BGM_ENDING = Staff Roll

BGM_OPENING_DEMO1 = Opening Cutscene Part 1 Theme

BGM_OPENING_DEMO2 = Opening Cutscene Part 2 Theme

BGM_KUPPACLEAR_DEMO = Moment Of Love (Peach Is Saved)

Have Fun Hacking!
Posted on 07-26-16, 09:47 pm
Hammer Brother

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Posted on 07-26-16, 09:55 pm

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oh... I didn't know there was already one, well, I was just trying to be helpful.
Posted on 07-27-16, 12:14 am (rev. 1 by  Hiccup on 07-27-16, 12:15 am)

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I'm sure KingYoshi isn't annoyed with you. He was just pointing out that this particular documentation has already been made.
Posted on 07-27-16, 12:26 am

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I know, I just didn't want to sound rude and be all like *Oh I am keeping this anyways!* because I'm actually not like that I just wanted to be helpful
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