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Posted on 08-03-16, 05:50 am (rev. 1 by ImageBot on 11-21-16, 03:22 am)

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Why Hello Everybody! Welcome to my thread for "Newer Sunset Adventure" This hack is a one world mini hack! I got the idea from Newer Summer Sun made by The "NewerTeam", btw full credit goes to them for the idea!


Coming Soon...

The Story

One day Mario and Princess Peach got invited to the once every five years Unagi Festival on Unagi Island, Unagi Island was once one of the most visited places off the coast of the Mushroom Kingdom, but when they got there, there was no civilization, and there was no place to stay, Mario and Peach walked around a bit, but no luck finding anybody... When they got back to the landing spot, Peach had mysteriously gone missing, could Bowser be up to his usual plans again? Or is it a new villain...

This Hack Will Include The Following.

1) An epic brand new worldmap with great graphics made by me and my cousin!
2) Brand new backgrounds!
3) A Total of 8 brand new fun levels to play!
4) Music Ported from Mario Kart DS
5) and last but not least... Our best friend Unagi The Eel

And how could I leave you without:


Snakeblock Has helped a lot with the graphics design!
My Cousin has helped make some worldmap textures!
Nintendo has helped by making the original game, if you like this game, you should go support Nintendo by buying their products!
Posted on 08-03-16, 06:08 am

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For the first time in history, Unagi Eels are getting some love. :^)

A couple questions:

- Will you be using the unused lighting for all levels?
- By 'new worldmaps', did you mean whole new models, or just retextures?

Overall a neat hack. Nice job, keep it up.
Posted on 08-03-16, 07:04 am

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That sheer hopelessness in Mario when he notices that he is literally about to get crushed on a rope and a mutated eel's teeth.

Seriously though, this is cool The Mega Unagi screenshot looks... Somewhat empty? Perhaps add some coins.
Posted on 08-03-16, 01:49 pm (rev. 2 by  Sierra on 08-03-16, 01:57 pm)

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Thank you for your comment Thierry!

Yes, the sunset lighting will be used for every level , and I mean just retexture! But if you would want new models, I did swap world 1 mushroom models with world 3's palm trees!

Also, thank you hamza for your comment as well!

I would add coins but sadly it would cut the tiles out of the background , I will see what I can do
Posted on 08-03-16, 02:03 pm

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Posted by Starslayer
I would add coins but sadly it would cut the tiles out of the background , I will see what I can do

Use the coin sprite instead of the one in the jyotu tileset
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Posted on 08-03-16, 03:36 pm

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just added them thanks TruelyJohn64
Posted on 08-05-16, 05:27 pm

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You'll probably want to make an ASM hack that stops Mega Unagis disappearing when ground-pounded
I can't tell anything else about the level design from these screens apart from the fact that you've got decoration tiles that look the same as solid tiles, which you should change
Posted on 08-05-16, 10:42 pm

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Heh.. I would make the asm hack but sadly I don't know asm that well... also the decoration tiles you thaught were tiles, its a background trust me, it looks better ingame then from screenshot
Posted on 08-18-16, 03:27 pm

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Sorry ask Starslayer,
Have you aim to offer to the community a patch? So we can test it?

[] -P
Posted on 09-11-16, 08:19 pm
banned for stealing shit and generally being an idiot

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I can help with the designs of icons each world
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