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Posted on 02-04-17, 08:33 pm (rev. 2 by  Sierra on 02-17-17, 07:21 pm)

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Hello everybody! I decided to upload this because it was originally made for my hack, but I wasn't able to replace the "collected" star coin, so the only model replaced here is the star coin, still cool anyways though.

Also if you use it, credit me please
thanks, have fun hacking!


Posted on 02-07-17, 08:54 am

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Pretty good.
Posted on 02-08-17, 07:27 pm

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Posted on 03-07-17, 12:24 pm
Red Paragoomba
hello.......okay bye then
yeah, bye

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Looks really cool
hello. currently working on NSMBDS hack named: New super mario bros DS the mixed worlds (name is probably gonna get changed ) here is a screenshot
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