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Posted on 02-07-17, 04:59 am (rev. 2 by  Sierra on 02-08-17, 07:45 pm)

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Hey everyone! I have made a hack once before, but lost all of the files to continue it, so here is my new hack "Dimensional Jumpers DS", this is a full hack based upon a huge NSMB2 hack that was in development but got cancelled due to some issues.


The Story

One day, Mario and Co. decided to go for a walk, but then, Luigi spotted a giant bluish purple portal in the background, and so they went to go check it out, leaving peach behind, but little did they know that Bowser would be up to his evil plans once again! Mario and Luigi heard peach yelling for help, but it was too late, Bowser had already taken her through the "Dimensional Portal"... are Mario & Luigi brave enough to enter the portal to save Princess Peach?

This Hack Promises:

1) 8 all new worlds and never before seen world themes!
2) Brand new backgrounds!
3) 80 all new fun and creative levels to play!
4) A new soundtrack, with remixes and original songs!
5) New enemies!
6) Amazing level detail!
7) A load of new and updated graphics!
8) Last but not least... a demo very soon!

Here are some...


Snakeblock made some of these tilesets that are seen, such as the Oasis!
Asprok for helping me make a custom .sseq, and for giving me some tips and advice!
SaturnYoshi for making the Ruins Tileset!
Gota7 for helping me import custom map icons!
Anybody from the "Models Resource" who has ripped the models I have used!
Finally, the rest of this community, thank you!
Posted on 02-07-17, 07:51 am
Will never finish a hack

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This is looking really nice! The title looks a bit weird but other than that it looks pretty polished so far!
hey look, I did a thing
Posted on 02-07-17, 02:00 pm

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I recommend you do an entirely underwater world.
Posted on 02-07-17, 03:52 pm (rev. 1 by  Sierra on 02-07-17, 03:53 pm)

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Posted by cros107
This is looking really nice! The title looks a bit weird but other than that it looks pretty polished so far!

Thank you! Yeah, the title is still in progress, mainly because if I move the black part of the old logo, the peaches castle flag animations are still there in pink...

Posted by mico
I recommend you do an entirely underwater world.

Actually, that was already planned
Posted on 02-07-17, 06:07 pm (rev. 1 by  Ultraboy on 02-07-17, 06:25 pm)

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If you need help with tilesets and texures I can help.
Posted on 02-07-17, 07:04 pm

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alright! thanks! I'll ask if I need anything
Posted on 02-08-17, 12:51 am
Red Goomba

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Nice to see this online! Can't wait for more custom designs.

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Posted on 02-08-17, 07:46 pm

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New image added!

this is the last world that will be shown off until release some more levels may be shown off though!
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