List of Unused things

1. Intro
2. Unused Tileset Objects
3. Unused Levels (click on images to view them at full size)
    3.1. Unused level 1
    3.2. Unused level 2
    3.3. Unused level 3
    3.4. Unused level 4
    3.5. Unused level 5
    3.6. Unused W6 Cannon
4. Unused Other Graphics
5. Unused Sprite options



things from/to [decide - maybe both]
  • TCRF

  • actors
  • sprites
  • sprite settings (aka: sprite data)
  • BGs
  • header settings
  • models
  • sprite sets
  • sprite set usage
  • level features
  • tile behaviours (";0x23=Vine Stopper DOES THIS WORK IN NSMBDS?", solid-from-bottom?)
  • world map stuff?

1. Intro

Here you can find nearly every unused thing discovered in NSMB: Super Mario Bros.
If you would be so kind to copypaste here some other things from TCRF about NSMB...
Here you can find every informaton and pictures about the unused things in New Super Mario Bros.
A lot of information here are taken from The Cutting Room Floor(TCRF),you can find a link to the source precedently.
The unused things in NSMB are still in the ROM and you can find them through the NSMB Editor.
You can find a download link to it in the navigation bar.

2. Unused Tileset Objects

• Crashing
• Prevent from going into 16x16 box
• Invisible solid (8).
• Vine stopper
• 5-coin

3. Unused Levels (click on images to view them at full size)

3.1. Unused level 1

The level doesn't have sprite sets configured properly for any of the sprites (with the exception of Goombas and Koopas, since those are always loaded), which suggests that the sprite sets were rearranged during development.
The big moving mushrooms were anchored to their THINGS differently in early versions of the game, which explains why they are misplaced.
The level was designed for use with an early version of the grassland tileset - before the mushroom tiles were deleted.

3.2. Unused level 2

Includes a really wide variety of objects (even the unused pillars, a Giant Springboard and lava tiles). No sprite set combination exists that allows all the sprites to show at once.

3.3. Unused level 3

This level uses an unused "multiple backgrounds and tilesets per area" mode, which either do not work in the final game or are not set up correctly in this level.
The stage is a grassland area split into three views. Players were supposed to use doors as a way of getting the stars before their opponents.
The second view, a bonus room with many coins, was probably meant to use the underground tileset. The third view uses climbable vines as a way of crossing a chasm.
Just like Unused Level 1, the level was designed for use with an early version of the grassland tileset. The Chain Chomp is a variation that causes the game to freeze (and corrupt the background even more) when Mario/Luigi gets near it.

3.4. Unused level 4

This level appeared in a show demo at E3. The second entrance would be for Luigi in the demo's multiplayer.
Almost every block in the level contains a power-up. Again the sprite sets are wrongly configured.
Located at the end is an old style staircase and flagpole. The flag is above the view and even if you move it down, the flag does not fit onto the unused pole correctly. Also, for some reason, the pipe cannons are no longer there. It could have been scrapped because of its length and the multiplayer-oriented level design.

3.5. Unused level 5

A really long sand level also seen at E3. Just like Unused Level 4, it has the wrong sprite sets. The prototype midpoint ring and pipe cannons have been removed since the demo. Otherwise, the level is basically intact from its showing at E3. It was probbably scrapped for the same reasons as Unused Level 4. The flagpole uses also the same style as Unused Level 4.

3.6. Unused W6 Cannon

This cannon is different to the other cannons in the game: The background, instead of a world-themed foreground and destination-themed background like the other cannons, it just uses two mountain backgrounds. The cannon leads to World 8.
The music is set to 00 (Mario vs. Luigi), which isn't played in any of the used single-player levels. The reason for this is that 0x00 is probably the default value for the music in Nintendo's level editor.
The player starts off by coming out of a pipe next to a wood-block wall. This is odd, and you could speculate that this suggests that it was once part of another level, entered from another level or entered from a pipe on the world map.

4. Unused Other Graphics

Unused Powerup Graphics
Lightning Bolt

The E3 2005 floor demo featured an early version of VS mode where the Mario Bros. would race each other to the end of a multiplayer version of a level. There was a lightning bolt powerup, that when touched would turn the other player into their Mini form, like the Lightning powerup from the Mario Kart series.
There is also a empty leftover sound file from the powerup; SE_OBJ_GET_THUNDER.
This unused power-up graphic was also used by  ray and  Freeze in their now cancelled NSMB hack called New Super Hacker Bros.

Unused "Preliminary" Placeholder Icon

The text says "preliminary". Most likely a placeholder for something else.

Placeholder Curved Line

A simple curved line. Most likely another placeholder.

5. Unused Sprite options