New Super Hacker Bros.

1. Production
2. Level Design

New Super Hacker Bros. is a hack made by  Freeze and  ray that concentrates on Textures and Level Design. The hack was started on 21.12.2010, after both  ray and  Freeze managed to put a rainy FG effect into the game through changing the textures of the fire FG effect.

1. Production

After putting the rain effect into NSMB DS, the makers decided to make a hack filled with epic ideas that nobody would have thought of. Lots of graphics were taken from NSMBWii and put into NSMB DS. They gave it the name New Super Hacker Bros., where the hacker-bros are represented as  ray and  Freeze. Because the players and testers of the first beta gave great feedback, they decided to continue it.
The interest in this hack grew so fast that it got a blog on wordpress, where news were posted regularly.

Somehow the makers lost interest in NSMB and the hack's quality suffered under it. Then after a long time of doing nothing, they decided to bring it back to life. The hack made more progress again, it has even got a YouTube channel, a Facebook page, a new Blog and more advertisement stuff.

Then after some time of hacking, a terrible mistake was done when importing graphics for Tilesets, Backgrounds, etc. Almost all 2D graphics in the ROM were messed up and looked quite awful. The game even started to crash now and then. And the worst thing was: There was no backup made before!
The makers stopped the hack due to too much work fixing every little crash and reimporting every GFX.

2. Level Design

Like in Nintendo's level design does every single level in this hack have its own idea. The design tries to represent new ideas that have not already been in NSMB DS. A level only contains two or at most three different spritesets, otherwise it would be too overfilled and more level-themes would be in one level.

In New Super Hacker Bros. every level has two or more hidden bonus rooms. These contain coins, 1-UPs and Star Coins. The player must put some time into playing this hack to find all of them.