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Posted on 07-04-17, 10:53 am

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yall need some danny brown
Posted on 06-01-19, 06:52 pm
banned for being a pathetic pile of shit. good riddance.

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welp no posts since 2017

currently listening to some kyary pamyu pamyu music that I can’t read the title of but sounds nice
hello all I do is drama pulling and bullshitting about everything because I want attention and havoc everywhere

also, come join my derpboard of the day even though derpboards have been irrelevant for the last three to five years

it has another ABXD fork that won't get anywhere

brb changing my name again because I don't want everyone to know recent history like the fact I'm a pedophile

Posted on 06-07-19, 06:15 pm
Boomerang Brother
under probation

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Posted on 06-08-19, 12:37 am
Super Koopa

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New Super Mario Bros. U DS:
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