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Posted on 04-28-18, 07:34 pm
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homebrew isn't patched and it never will be
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Posted on 04-28-18, 11:07 pm
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Sorry I am not that kind of hacking lol. I only know how to hack Mario Bros. I had a 2ds that was a 11.3, and was suitable for homebrew, so I got it on there and it was working via soundhax. I wanted it on my New 3DS XL, but it was up to date.

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Posted on 09-19-18, 12:43 am

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Finally got used to a dock
Looks especially nice with the audio visualizer behind it because of the added blur effects in KDE 5.13.
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This is my Desktop. Very Basic.

I am an epik gamer. Check out my other socials in my bio. Thanks
Also, I am making a romhack. Idk what I am going to call it yet.
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