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Posted on 11-02-16, 09:39 pm (rev. 1 by  gridatttack on 11-02-16, 09:47 pm)

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I always feared it would happen back then when the IRC was more active, but I always double checked just in case...

Posted on 11-02-16, 09:49 pm
in business again

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ZNC handles that shit for me, so no risk

even back when it didn't, I had shortcut nickchange/identify commands saved in xchat, so I could do it quickly with zero risk
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and so here we are, NSMBHDing again, I guess
Posted on 05-15-17, 08:57 am
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<NSMBot> New thread by AnnetaRam: Полноное восстановление позвоночника за 2 недели в домашних условиях (General NSMB Hacking) --
<RicBent> pls no
* RicBent enteres nuke key
* RicBent watches mushroom cloud

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Posted on 05-15-17, 01:13 pm
Will never finish a hack

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Wow I had no idea people still used the IRC :^)
SwitchHax when?

Posted on 06-14-17, 01:08 am
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<RicBent> sigh
<RicBent> g'night
<MarioFanatic64> night
<grishhung> G'night
<RicBent> tell me if NewerBot asplodes again pls
<MarioFanatic64> !tell NewerBot don't asplode
<NewerBot> Kindly fuck off.
<RicBent> NewerBotm will you asplode tonight (y/n)
<NewerBot> I'd say... no.
<RicBent> That guy definitley is an asshole
<RicBent> anyways, cya
<NewerBot> Finally
<NewerBot> Let's start with the riots
<grishhung> Well
<grishhung> Newerbot
<MarioFanatic64> NewerBot you're scaring me
<grishhung> Will you EXPLODE tonight (Y/N)
<NewerBot> I'd say... yes.
<grishhung> Haha!
<NewerBot> I will get you all!!!

Derping arround with bots is allways fun, isn't it...
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