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Posted on 11-10-12, 12:22 am
Super Mario
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03:52 < Garmichael> And just as theyve all bought the iWater
03:52 < Garmichael> the iWater 2 will come out with more pixels
03:52 < Mega-Mario> lolyeah
03:52 < gridatttack> lolol
03:52 < Garmichael> and then the iWater Mini, which only holds 4 ounces of liquid but costs the same
03:53 < gridatttack> lolz
03:53 <@Nina> And they'll also come out with the iBag
03:53 <@Nina> Which is a nice stylish bag
03:53 <@Nina> But it'll only carry Apple stuff
03:54 < Treeki> meanwhile
03:54 < Treeki> Google has been busy creating beer
03:54 < Garmichael> yea, it would have a computer controlled zipper on the bottom that would open if you tried to jailbreak it
03:54 < Treeki> and as the iWater becomes popular, they suddenly decide they need to make water instead
03:55 < Garmichael> haha
03:55 < Garmichael> removing buttons from the iWater
03:55 < Treeki> and Apple trumpets themselves as the inventors of water
03:55 < Mega-Mario> and they sue anyone else who sells water
03:55 < Garmichael> and then sues Google
03:56 <@Nina> Then some free software guys try to come up with their own solution for a completely free alternative to water.
03:56 <@Nina> It works, but it never really catches on.
03:56 < Mega-Mario> and it requires you to know lots of cryptic stuff to be able to use it
03:57 < Mega-Mario> and if you don't know it, you're provided with a huge dictionary about every little thing ever in the world
03:57 <@Nina> $ make water
03:57 < Garmichael> and you spend hours telling people your frustrations on getting it to work on IRC
03:57 < Garmichael> ;)
03:57 < Mega-Mario> Adobe then also tries to make water
03:58 < Mega-Mario> but it eats all your RAM and crashes every two seconds
03:58 < gridatttack> lolol
03:58 <@Nina> Meanwhile everyone else is using freedom-ignoring water that is 'easier to use'.
03:59 <@Nina> Microsoft also try to invent their own water, but drinking it might not be a good idea due to its number of security holes.
03:59 <@Nina> It does have a fancy user interface though.
04:00 < Garmichael> microsoft's water would come with increasingly annoying to disable 'features'
04:01 < Garmichael> "Hey, I noticed you were about to drink some water. Did you know its a good idea to drink at least 32 ounces of water each day?"
04:02 < Mega-Mario> Google's water would contain nanoGPS locators
04:02 < Garmichael> HAH
04:02 < Mega-Mario> and the bottle would be absolutely terrible to use
04:02 < Mega-Mario> the design would be extremely stupid
04:02 < Mega-Mario> it'd be YouWater
04:03 < Treeki> Ubuntu Water started out as a nice version of the free water
04:03 <@Nina> Google are not all terrible at designing
04:03 <@Nina> Have you used an Android 4.x phone?
04:03 < Treeki> but eventually became just a shitty clone of iWater
04:04 < Mega-Mario> Nina: nope. Guess I gotta update :/
04:04 <@Nina> Yeah, iWater with Debian's package system, which proves to not work well in such a context.
04:04 < Treeki> GNOME 3 Water takes up all the space in your bag, and you can only drink it in increments of 327ml
04:04 < Treeki> the GNOME developers think 327ml is the perfect amount for a sip of water
04:04 < Treeki> but in reality, it sucks
04:05 <@Nina> KDE4 water on the other hand lets you change the size to fit its container
04:05 <@Nina> But on the other hand it's quite ugly.
04:05 < Mega-Mario> Acmlmboard water would have be clean and fast...
04:05 < Mega-Mario> ... but full of holes
04:05 < Mega-Mario> -have
04:06 < Treeki> Invision Water (IP.Water?) is a tangled mess of pipes with a water tank in the middle
04:06 < Treeki> eventually, the water comes out, somewhere, somehow
04:06 < Garmichael> hahah
04:06 < Mega-Mario> vBulletin Water is the same, sold at a ridiculously high price
04:06 <@Nina> wsh would be lightweight and fast water with nice drink completion, but it'd be for advanced users only
04:07 < Mega-Mario> phpWater is like Invision Water but it's free... and the water doesn't come out
04:07 < Mega-Mario> no matter how hard you try
04:08 < Treeki> WordPress Water is a bottle with a system that allows you to easily insert flavourings to make the water taste the way you want
04:08 < Treeki> unfortunately, it's so easy, that people can poison the water and you're none the wiser
04:09 < Mega-Mario> ABXD Water is a bottle that is as clean and fast as Acmlmboard, and with a custom flavouring system as well
04:09 < Mega-Mario> but most flavors are dark
04:09 < Treeki> PHP Water comes in several different bottles that inexplicably rip off the labelling design from other brands
04:09 <@Nina> Arch Water is simple, lightweight water where you decide what should go in it, but unfortunately it has no easy way of being installed in the bottle.
04:09 < Treeki> and the label has serving suggestions printed on it
04:09 < Treeki> which are likely to kill you
04:10 < Treeki> and despite there being 10 different looking kinds of it, they're all the same crappy tap water put into a fancy bottle
04:10 <@Nina> (they removed aif in some of the newer Arch ISOs)
04:11 < Treeki> Nintendo Water can only be drunk if you exchange friend codes with the bottle
04:11 < Mega-Mario> Sony Water can only be drunk via the PSN
04:12 < Mega-Mario> if you try to get around that, Sony sues you
04:12 < Mega-Mario> and they use their money and guns to win no matter what
04:12 < Treeki> Metro Water is a neon green cube containing an unidentified liquid, with giant text saying "Water" on the side
04:12 <@Nina> Android Water is quite ugly, leading to different carriers of it adding their own styling to it, but as a result makes it heavier. Android Water 4.x has recently
              been released and solves these problems though.
04:13 < Treeki> Ruby Water doesn't really have anything special going for it
04:13 < Treeki> but there's a gem and a fancy DSL to drink it
04:14 <@Nina> Water.js is a little too simple in places, and you can easily end up drinking too much water at once. It's also still in beta.
04:14 < Treeki> require 'water'; Water.drink { sip_size; no_flavourings }.twice!
04:15 <@Nina> Python Water imports antigravity and flies away.
04:15 < Treeki> Adobe Water makes you wait a minute before you can drink it, while it loads all sorts of useless things
04:16 < Treeki> and the nutritional information on the side is a Flash movie for no reason
04:16 < Mega-Mario> Flash Water takes all the space in your stomach
04:16 < Mega-Mario> and then crashes
04:16 < Mega-Mario> and you end up peeing a ton of water
04:16 < Treeki> Shockwave Water is.. uh... expired
04:17 <@Nina> And a line will be added to your kernel log informing you that Flash Water segfaulted.
04:17 < Treeki> but you can still find bottles on some weird old grocery store shelves
04:18 < Mega-Mario> Whitehole Water shows you a 3D rendering of the water. But you can't edit all aspects of it.
04:18 <@Nina> Anyone can drink Java Water, but at times it takes a little too long to drink.
04:18 < Garmichael> and JavaWater constantly requires you to update it
04:18 < Treeki> Haskell Water has to be inhaled, not drunk
04:18 < Treeki> this makes no sense to regular water drinkers
04:19 < Treeki> but Haskell Water fans swear by it and say there's no other way to hydrate yourself
04:20 <@Nina> Water.NET can only be used by those who also like Microsoft Water, for them it works fine, but for most everyone else it doesn't.

The most long and epic quote ever.
Posted on 07-29-13, 12:53 pm
King of Composers

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Lol. Sums up my life.

<MG3> did you at least check it out, Nina?
<MG3> I just need to know if its completely malware-free
<Mega-Mario_> use a damn antivirus
<Mega-Mario_> and common sense
Posted on 07-29-13, 01:06 pm
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Common sense also states that you shouldn't bump a thread that is over 7 months old with something unfunny.
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Posted on 02-15-14, 04:52 pm (rev. 2 by MarioAdvance125 on 02-17-14, 05:06 am)

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Posted by StapleButter
Common sense also states that you shouldn't bump a thread that is over 7 months old with something unfunny.

Well, right now the thread status says it's not old. So...

<angelyoshi34>NOOOOO my windows 7 laptop is broken
<dirbaio>just use your mac
<angelyoshi34>but i want windows it runs smbx and mac doesn't
<dirbaio>just use winebotter
<angelyoshi34>okay... *uses winebottler*
<angelyoshi34>yay i can use smbx now
Posted on 02-15-14, 05:05 pm
Super Mario
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Posted by angelyoshi34
<dirbaio>you can use my mac

wut? I really don't remember saying that.
Also I don't have and never had a mac.

Posted on 02-17-14, 05:05 am (rev. 1 by MarioAdvance125 on 02-17-14, 05:07 am)

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Can't you make quotes that are not real but still make them?

Edit: I changed that quote that said you let me use your mac
Posted on 02-17-14, 08:01 am
All aboard the RandomTests train!

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Posted by angelyoshi34
Can't you make quotes that are not real but still make them?

Edit: I changed that quote that said you let me use your mac

No. You know, IRC chat is a real thing. Download some IRC client, such as HexChat. Create a new server with '' as host, and join #nsmbhd.
Posted on 02-27-14, 02:30 pm

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13:14:18 <~xfix> By the way, why I have a feeling that everything that looks a sphere likes to explode in Pokémon games.
13:16:44 <Nina> Pokémon: The game of exploding spheres
13:17:58 <~xfix> Gastly? Sure, it can explode.
13:18:05 <~xfix> Voltorb? It will explode.
13:18:12 <~xfix> Golem? Sure, why not?
13:18:23 <~xfix> Koffing? Obviously.
13:18:34 <~xfix> Forretress? Hey, it does.
13:18:49 <~xfix> Solrock? Uh oh, the Sun just exploded.
13:19:06 <~xfix> Drifblim? Because what stops him.
13:19:24 <~xfix> Qwilfish? Yes, this too.
13:19:46 <~xfix> Corsola? Yep.
13:21:14 <~xfix> Gulpin? Glalie? Roggenrola? Solosis? Ferroseed? Cryogonal? Carbink? Pumpkaboo? Yes, it all explodes.

Oh no! #pkmnhd is leaking!
Posted on 11-28-14, 01:07 am (rev. 1 by Tierage on 11-28-14, 01:08 am)

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I just 9-month bumped a thread. Pls ban
<MrRean> staple ban me im not good enough <StapleButter_> BAN <MrRean> pls ban * StapleButter_ bans * MrRean is not banned yet
Posted on 01-12-15, 01:07 am

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I just 2-month bumped a thread. Pls ban

<dirbaio> BUBBLES <Deltier> a friend of mine once said <Deltier> it's difficult to say bubbles angrily <Deltier> FUCK! BUBBLES! <dirbaio> BUBBLEEEESSS <Deltier> WHY ARE THERE SO MANY BUBBLES <StapleButter> let's smoke weed <StapleButter> fuck yea <Deltier> let's smoke bubbles
Posted on 01-12-15, 01:08 am
Super Mario
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Posted by Deltier
I just 2-month bumped a thread. Pls ban

Don't worry, it's ok, it's not like this was a dead thread.

But I'll have to ban you for backseat-moderating your own post
Posted on 01-12-15, 01:10 am
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omg Dirbaio I will have to ban you for backseat modding Tierage's self backseat modding

oh wait
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Posted on 01-12-15, 01:11 am

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<dirbaio> BAN <StapleButter> fuck yea let's ban everybody <dirbano> BANANA
Posted on 03-19-15, 10:36 pm (rev. 1 by Tierage on 03-19-15, 10:36 pm)

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<StapleButter> blarg
<StapleButter> reBLARG
<StapleButter> dirblargio

2 month double post bump, not too shabby
Posted on 12-02-15, 03:25 am

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Speaking of the irc is it down or what? I cannot connect.
Posted on 12-02-15, 01:09 pm
Super Mario
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Someone sabotaged the web irc
Posted on 12-02-15, 01:26 pm
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it's not sabotaged

I just killed the PoRA link so it no longer brings idiots who say random crap and immediately leave
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Posted on 12-02-15, 01:51 pm
Once upon a time there was a tiger.

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Why did you even keep the PoRA link?
Posted on 11-02-16, 08:36 pm

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Well, shit.

I knew this would happen someday
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Posted on 11-02-16, 09:07 pm
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you defenetly are an idiot, sir

* Arisotura runs
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