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Posted on 10-26-13, 05:35 pm

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I think this idea is cool, typing mario objects to make them appear.
Posted on 11-02-13, 09:57 pm
Super Mario
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Small-ish change: you can now +1 posts in closed threads.
Posted on 11-03-13, 04:18 am
me some orange juice my hand

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Posted by TheUltimateCS
Nina. Do you think you can add more enemies?
Like this.

Koopa: Click on it to turn it into the shell. Click on it again to make it go back to destroy the goombas behind it.

Flying Goomba: Slightly Rarer. It jumps up and down and you must click on it twice.

Maybe a 5 second cooldown when you type in goomba?

Maybe type in 'Mario' So he can jump in and kill all da goombas!
Then leave the screen after 25 seconds.

You don't have to. But its a cool one.

How about a Mario who stands in the screen?
We'll have to click on him to make him jump and dodge/stomp enemies
Here are ennemies suggestion:

koopas (see Neverendinggamer's suggestion
Bullet and Banzai Bills (Fast ennemies, but easy to avoid etc.)
And maybe ? blocks that give you invincibility?

The game will have a PLAY button to avoid be annoying with the mario's death sound (Because it'll can be killed )

Uhh I disagree. I think Goombas are enough. I don't think it would be worth it of making a small game at the bottom of the page. It can give it a unique feeling but Goombas are enough for that
Posted on 11-04-13, 04:40 pm
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fuck yeah let's replicate NSMB in the board

As Py_hacker said, one mascot is enough. The goomba easter egg is cool, but if that kind of stuff gets overused, it'll become less cool. Remember [Super Secret Awesome Title] (or whatever it was)? Or Dirbaio putting his layout template in the layout maker for all the kids to use?

Not to mention that the goomba plugin is part of the ABXD repo. Any person wanting to install an ABXD board can choose to use it as well, which also reduces its coolness.
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Posted on 11-04-13, 07:51 pm
この記号は… 解読できないよ…

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Hmmm. I agree with  CreativiPie and  Arisotura. But anyway, I don't think it'd be a great idea to put random stuff like this in the screen.

But I think we could maybe add a Paragoomba which would come when you write "paragoomba". But if you make the screen full of enemies...

EDIT: wait... there's "goomba" in "paragoomba"... it'd make both of them...
Posted on 11-04-13, 07:53 pm
All aboard the RandomTests train!

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Posted by Thierry
But I think we could maybe add a Paragoomba which would come when you write "paragoomba". But if you make the screen full of enemies...

You know, if you really want it, go implement it yourself, and send a pull request. I don't think anybody is interested in adding paragoombas.
Posted on 11-04-13, 08:06 pm

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Well, I think that this idea is not cool too. I mean, Paragoombas, Goombas, Bullet Bills, Banzai Bills, stuff like that RIGHT IN THE BOTTOM OF THE SCREEN?!? Urrgghhhh

Also, we'll have to focus on the game and ALSO what you CAME to read. That would be NOT cool.
Posted on 11-04-13, 08:07 pm
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Well, enough repeating of what has already been said. Back on topic.
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Posted on 12-26-13, 01:01 pm (rev. 2 by  KingYoshi on 12-26-13, 04:55 pm)
Fire Brother

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Posted by GlitchMr
Posted by SpongeTown
What? Suddenly my nickname at NSMBHD is 'SpongeTown'.
And I can't choose another name anymore.

EDIT: Oh, I see why it's changed, but still...
I don't like it.

Ask administrator for a name change.

Sorry for the late response.
I didn't know for a long time if I wanted to change my name to 'KingYoshi'.
But I think 'KingYoshi' does better match with NSMBHD.

So I want to change my name permanently to KingYoshi
Can a administrator change this for me?

EDIT: Thank you very much, unknown user who's changed my name!
Posted on 11-19-15, 01:16 am

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How to do you get a picture for account?
Posted on 11-19-15, 02:02 pm
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Posted by Rowdy Roberson
How to do you get a picture for account?

It's in the FAQ right under "Which forum is the correct one for my questions?"
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Posted on 07-26-23, 05:02 am (rev. 2 by nr00t on 07-26-23, 05:05 am)
banned by request, I guess

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Posted by Dirbaio
New update, this time just a security update.
The board now does cookies in a more secure way
Also "critical" profile fields like your password and email can only be edited if you enter your password, for extra security.

(Before this, leaving your account open somewhere would mean that if someone found it, he could've stolen it completely)

Speaking of that isnt part of the $logbull (or whatever) hardcoded to some gibberish string... also did this version of ABXD get the password_hash() updates or was it still using the sha256 hasher?

Silly questions I know but I saw Dirbaio fixed a bunch of XSS (there's a double escape issue in the image meta tag for the logo btw).

Also what's the purpose of .imgtag? It seems to do nothing but is still a class that the bbcode parser generates, could be used to restrict huge images to 100% or something though.
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