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I made some versus levels for me and my friend, and these are the ones we considered to be the most fun. From the beaches to the skies and even the jungles, you've never experienced anything like this before!

You may ask yourself why this hack is branded after MR. JAWSUM from OMORI, and to tell you the truth, I don't know myself.


  1. Ghost house exit (4 screens)
  2. Mountain Beach (8 screens)
  3. Taiga (4 screens)
  4. Jungle (8 screens)
  5. Sky (4 screens)


You press down to go into the Blue Shell just like in Newer NSMBDS.


This ROM hack is incompatible with DS Download Play, and was made in xdelta UI using a USA ROM. Please make sure your ROMs have never been opened in NSMBe before patching them (or hex edit the first 4 bytes at $1000 to be all zeroes.)

Video Showcase



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