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Posted on 06-04-22, 04:58 am (rev. 1 by  Super luigi fan on 06-04-22, 07:34 pm)
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Is nsmbHd kinda quiet now
Posted on 06-04-22, 08:32 am

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Which isn't really a problem.

NSMBHD has been more of an archive than an actually active forum for multiple years now.
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Posted on 06-04-22, 10:01 am
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if the forum was dead that would be a problem as itd mean that the community isnt making anything new or progressing at all. but i dont really think thats the case. i feel like "quiet" is a more accurate description, cause its not like nobody ever talks here or no hacks or anything are being made.
Posted on 06-04-22, 03:01 pm

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Same case with Kuribo64 (SM64DS forum) nowadays, which used to be more active a few years ago

Forums lost a lot of activity as the Discord servers became a thing
Posted on 06-09-22, 08:11 am
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Personally I prefer forums to discord servers. The information given in the past to new people then, can be searched by newer users now more easily. But yes, I guess it is kinda quiet, but that's just how it is.
Posted on 06-15-22, 07:49 pm

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imagine posting on nsmbdhd lol
Posted on 06-15-22, 09:37 pm
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It's kinda subjective whether the inactivity of this board is a problem.

I also wish it was more active, but I don't have much to contribute to create more activity. I like to chat but am not really working on a hack. I'm mostly nostalgic for this board and this game.
Posted on 07-03-22, 01:42 pm
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it is a bit quiet. honestly this place is a bit nostalgic now (i haven't been here that long however). ah well RicBent is right. there just aren't many NSMB enthusiasts at the moment. maybe we'll spike in traffic/users soon who knows.
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Posted on 07-03-22, 05:11 pm
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It is true NSMB has not had very good projects these lasted years and that really excite the player for example Newer Super Mario Bros DS, New Super Mario Bros U DS and more, although I just hope that my project in which I am working seriously is worth it, and already being here talking brings me very good memories to remember from last year, because not only I learned NSMB Hacking, Music Hacking and a little bit of code but I learned that with effort you can achieve things and more if they are done in a team, there are many who helped me in my previous project, and some of them are still helping me a little bit, for example: Keeper who helped me with all the graphic part of my previous hack and Skylander who also helped me a lot in the code part, bl4zed who helped me and supported me a lot and NSMB Central in discord who also supported me a lot, even though there are very few who are still interested in NSMB Hacking this place brings me a lot of nostalgia, I hope there are more projects and to the new NSMB Hackers I say that no matter how long it takes your project Only make it is worth the effort.
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Posted on 07-04-22, 11:57 am

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The cool thing about NSMBHD is that it's a proper archive and not a discord server thst could disappear over night

Me personally I'm sick of hacking discords amd how they work so it's nice to have a forum, especially this one
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Posted on 07-05-22, 07:45 pm

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Yeah, its good that people still occasionally post new tutorials, and update the wiki/sprite database. Discord can't replace proper documentation, and I'm glad people aren't trying to use the discord like that.
Posted on 07-06-22, 12:29 pm

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Besides, Discord could be used as a shoutbox for chatting about hacks and such, as the forum doesn't have a shoutbox or anything like that

And the forum could be used to showcase hacks, host tutorials and (as Hiccup said) as a wiki.

Oh and the uploader also. Discord allows up to 8 MB (50 MB with Nitro) and this forum's uploader lets you upload up to 200 MB, pretty useful for especially homebrews.
Posted on 07-07-22, 05:38 am

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I think to some extent it is a little dead, but not entirely. I probably will try to be more active on this website and some others as will, although I'll have to see. I might consider making a forum site of my own some day (probably once I learn PHP). I'll also try to get it working even on older systems such as DSi if possible although that web browser is very outdated too. Still would be fun I bet though.

Either way, hope we can eventually try to get more people here.
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Posted on 08-23-22, 11:13 pm

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The thing is, I haven't found anything regarding a NSMBHD discord server, so I assumed this was the only place the NSMBHD people hung out. Maybe I am wrong but it shouldn't be this difficult to find a relevant discord server.
Posted on 08-24-22, 09:32 am

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There is a discord server for NSMB hacking but it wasn't made by the forum's admins
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