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Posted on 12-06-21, 01:04 am (rev. 8 by newluigidev on 12-09-21, 09:02 am)
Nipper Plant

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Sup y'all, got something I wanna show off and release: a custom powerup. The Ice Flower from NSMBWii/NSMBU. Not all enemies can be frozen, such as the Pokey, which usually can be frozen (but I couldn't figure out how the separate "parts" work so I just made it non-freezable).

The patch includes a modified Jyotyu tileset which has a ? Block and Brick Block at the bottom of the set, which contain the Ice Flower. (1-1 has a Ice Flower ? Block at the beginning of the level)

It's pretty self-explanatory, so no real need for screenshots.

A big thanks to:
 ItzTacos - help with code related to Item class and more
 TheGameratorT - help with misc. code things
 skawo &  RoadrunnerWMC - help with extending the palette of Mario's cap texture and displaying the custom palette


(patch created using GameratorT's NSMBe mod)

Code repository for those interested:
Posted on 12-06-21, 03:40 pm

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No source code?
Posted on 12-06-21, 04:50 pm
Giant Red Paratroopa
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Yeah, pretty much need that, personally. xdeltas are easy and all, but they're no longer useful once you start to need more code hacks
Nothing to say, so jadnjkfmnjamnfjkldnajfnjkanfjdksan jsdnvj m.

Posted on 12-06-21, 07:34 pm
Fire Brother

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Hey mister, it's so cool!
Posted on 12-06-21, 08:56 pm
Nipper Plant

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I will upload the source code today, gotta fix a few issues people have discovered tho first
Posted on 12-07-21, 12:06 am

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Couldn't you make the pokey freeze as a whole? Better than nothing in my opinion lol.
Posted on 12-07-21, 01:49 am
Nipper Plant

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Code repository:
and no because that would require to make like 9 different iceblock variants for one actor - no thanks
Posted on 12-07-21, 02:32 am

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Posted by newluigidev
Code repository:
and no because that would require to make like 9 different iceblock variants for one actor - no thanks

Wow didn't know it was that complicated. Nevermind then!
Posted on 12-08-21, 11:09 am
Nipper Plant

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ight so I just spent a bunch of time fixing the following (found by a bunch of people in the NSMB discord):
- Mario used to be able to shoot iceballs in unintended places (i.e. entering a pipe)
- Iceballs, when destroyed at the goal would count as an enemy, which allowed for alot of points/1-UPs
- Iceballs are kinda broken on slopes - however on the seesaw platform were incredibly broken; they now just disappear when colliding with the seesaw.

and a new feature - which allows for koopas to be frozen in a different iceblock depending on their state (whether in shell or not)

Download is here

the code repository has been updated as well
Posted on 11-14-23, 11:25 am (rev. 1 by Avalstarten on 11-17-23, 08:11 am)

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I stumbled upon this fascinating concept of an Ice Flower Custom Powerup recently. The idea of incorporating ice-themed abilities into the classic power-up system got me thinking about the possibilities. Imagine freezing enemies or creating slippery paths in-game—how cool would that be? I've been brainstorming different applications for this powerup, like freezing obstacles to create temporary platforms or using it strategically in multiplayer settings. What are your thoughts on this? Any creative ideas to share? Also, speaking of cool things, I came across this article on sending flowers through online delivery services: Check it out here It's not directly related to the Ice Flower, but who doesn't appreciate a good bouquet? Looking forward to your insights!
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