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Posted on 04-17-21, 07:49 pm

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I'm pretty new to mario bros rom hacking and editing stuff.

I've managed to get the .sseq files to work and play sound in the .nds rom, (using nsmb-ds .sbnk's) but when i use a .sbnk file from mario 64 ds, it just plays nothing in game. The sound works just fine in Nitro Studio, but doesnt play the song in the .nds rom.

If anyone can help me, that would be much appreciated, and if you can help me (file-wise) here's the .sdat

Posted on 04-18-21, 07:57 am

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You need to import the corresponding SWAR file as well. Importing only the SBNK won't work
Posted on 05-20-21, 12:04 am

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Sorry for the late response, but i have tried that, and it plays right in nitro studio, but it won't play in game. I have the sbnk the swar the sseq and the sser. i just resorted to using pre existing sbnk and it kinda works, but it kinda screws up some other music. Also the game music i'm trying to import is from Mario 64 ds and Marvel super hero squad 2009, and MSHS has 3 different .SDAT's and, yeah. I feel it could also be because i used .SDAT's from actual cartridges instead of roms. Thanks for trying to help though, appreciate it.
Posted on 05-20-21, 12:03 pm
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well that depends there are some songs that are not compatible with nsmb and anothers no, for example diddy kong Racing ds, the spaceship track, but I'm going to give you some advice, if you import a track from another ds game and it is rare more than normal in reproducing is because it will not be compatible in the game, i use nitro studio 2 for that

Link here
Posted on 05-20-21, 06:57 pm (rev. 1 by Thierry on 05-20-21, 07:00 pm)
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Some of the tracks in SM64DS and other games use large sound banks that are too heavy for nsmb levels to load. Levels are really finicky regarding these.
Some games load a single, common and extensive sound bank for all tracks, whereas games like NSMB load smaller, separate sound banks that are swapped along with the track whenever it switches. That is why some sound banks are so large in some games.

In order to successfully insert SM64DS tracks into NSMB, there are a few things you can do. First is figuring out which tracks do work and insert them directly.

There are three outcomes you can expect out of a direct track port:
One, the track doesn't play at all.
Two, the track plays but is still too heavy, thus breaking some sfx. You will for example notice that the jump noise is missing but mario's voice clips aren't. You can switch to a lighter sound set in the level settings (view settings) to mitigate this issue, but that nonetheless prevents you from enabling the proper sound effects.

Third and last, the track works and the sfx function. This is the most successful of all three.

In case of the first two results, you will need to manually adapt the track. You can customize the sound banks to make them much lighter, or you can adapt the track sequence (the sseq) itself and make it fit to any soundfont of your choosing, be it nsmb's native but restricted soundbanks or some custom sf altogether. You can even borrow that of another game, provided it is light enough.

Modifying either the sseq or the soundbanks will require many external tools. Making the sseq fit the native NSMB soundfont is easier and I would recommend this to beginners. It is however restrictive and will require skill and taste in order to make it sound like the sseq was meant for the soundfont you associated it with. A lot of people just quickly set the instruments in FL Studio without adapting the track, which in my opinion is a damn shame.
Posted on 05-20-21, 09:58 pm
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Modifying either the SSEQ or the soundbanks requires only one tool, that being Nitro Studio.
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