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Posted on 03-03-21, 11:38 pm

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Super Mario Bros. Next: The Lost Levels is a huge collection of cut content that spans around three years of development. This page serves to guide you through this collection's playable stages, with some behind-the-scenes development insight being sprinkled in along the way.

Note: The mod is split in 2 Parts, Part 1 (Pre-2018 unpolished stages) and Part 2 (2018 Trailer Stages)

Screenshots of Part 1

Screenshots of Part 2

Download and Installation Guide

SMBNext: The Lost Levels - Part 1 (Pre-2018 unpolished stages)
SMBNext: The Lost Levels - Part 2 (2018 Trailer Stages)

The installation guide can be found here.

The Team


Graphic Design/Project Organization
 Hüseyin the Mighty

Level Design

Past Developers

Level Design

Music Arrangement

Tileset Ports

Special Thanks


Posted on 03-04-21, 06:03 am
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did you just post this because of nsmb2 hack Super Mario Bros.Next The Lost Levels
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Posted on 03-04-21, 01:20 pm

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he did actually
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Posted on 04-06-21, 03:53 am

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It looks good, does this hack can run on wii or cemu ?
Posted on 04-06-21, 08:16 am
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Maybe not on Wii but you can run it on Citra if it's a .3ds ROM
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Posted on 04-06-21, 11:54 am (rev. 1 by  Vadenimo on 04-06-21, 01:03 pm)
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It's not an .3ds ROM. You need a ROM of NSMB2 and then you need to follow this guide to play this ROM hack (on Citra). It's illegal to post complete ROMs on the internet.
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Coming later, maybe
Posted on 04-06-21, 12:52 pm
The guy that always gets banned, for some reason...

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Ok, sorry. Thanks for explaining me that
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