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Posted on 01-14-21, 03:45 am (rev. 1 by Daniel505465 on 02-14-21, 11:19 pm)

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My First Ever Level, ENJOY!!!!!!!!
Posted on 01-15-21, 03:56 am (rev. 13 by Daniel505465 on 04-14-21, 12:33 am)

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Here is the Download Link:

Place this in: >luma>titles>(titleID)>romfs>Course>1-1.sarc

Nsmb2 Title ID USA: 000400000007AE00

Nsmb2 Gold Edition ID USA: 0004000000137E00

Well, it's April 2021, Hope your Easter was Great, So, I've Now made the checkpoint flag work and fixed another few tiles, Sooo... Enjoy!

Also, the Download Link is now using the NSMBHD Uploader.
Posted on 01-23-21, 10:50 pm (rev. 4 by Daniel505465 on 02-14-21, 11:19 pm)

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If you find a broken/missing tile please tell me, so I can fix it, and for better Experience, use Wii Music Ported To NSMB2 Mod.

Sometimes, Re-Download it every now and then, because you might get bug fixes.

Posted on 02-18-21, 03:06 pm

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Dude, the entire level doesn't exist anymore XD
Posted on 02-25-21, 04:58 pm (rev. 2 by Daniel505465 on 02-25-21, 05:53 pm)

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All Right! It should work now, if not... I don't know how to fix it.
Posted on 03-09-21, 11:50 pm

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If the link won't work, tell me.
Posted on 03-10-21, 03:28 pm
Giant Goomba

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You could use the NSMBHD Uploader instead. The link would keep working as long as NSMBHD keeps existing, and if NSMBHD stops existing, needless to say we wouldn't be able to tell you the link stopped working anyway.

Please keep existing forever though, NSMBHD.
Nothing to say, so jadnjkfmnjamnfjkldnajfnjkanfjdksan jsdnvj m.

Posted on 03-11-21, 06:03 pm (rev. 1 by Daniel505465 on 03-11-21, 06:17 pm)

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Ok, thank you!
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