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Posted on 07-28-20, 08:27 pm

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As the title says. Has anyone made a mod to remove the coin 1-ups to make the game more balanced and difficult?
Posted on 07-29-20, 01:12 pm (rev. 1 by  Shellbarbecue63 on 07-29-20, 01:12 pm)

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This should probably be put in NSMB2 general hacking, not for the original NSMB.
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Posted on 08-02-20, 02:36 am
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why? coin 1-ups are in NSMB too, and there's nothing to suggest this question was meant for NSMB2 despite it being a more prominent issue in that game.
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Posted on 08-02-20, 03:19 am
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think the original title specified it was for nsmb2 before it was moved cause I recall nsmb2 being mentioned
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