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Posted on 09-10-20, 09:01 pm
luigi mushroom number 2

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It's not dead

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Posted on 09-14-20, 10:40 pm (rev. 1 by  luigi bros 4 on 09-15-20, 10:15 pm)
l has always been real

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can you make a logo for new super mario bros back in the past and for the style i would like new super mario bros ds style and could you also make box art for my hack
Posted on 09-19-20, 09:13 am
Red Cheep-cheep
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I will be absent for a time, so try this tutorial:
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Posted on 09-22-20, 05:54 pm
Red Koopa

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If you still have time could you do one for NSMBA + Mario vs Luigi All Stars? Should be easy as you already have the main logo
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Posted on 10-09-20, 03:49 pm

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Can you do return to New super mario bros logo in NSMB style with an outline please
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