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Posted on 06-08-20, 06:02 pm (rev. 1 by  SLG3 on 06-19-20, 09:51 am)
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You need to download this:
The Fonts:
The Tools:
Outline and Bevel Tools:
Trail Tools:

Step 1:

Fill the background with the color you want and open a new layer, above, use the star shape with seven branches for the "New" part.

Step 2:

In the "Super Mario Fonts" archive, use KoopaKartWiiReplacement.ttf or contb.ttf to write "New", NSMBWii 2 to write "Super" and NSMBWii 1 to write "Mario Bros.", then go to Effects, then Objects, click on Outline Object and adjust the outline quality.

Step 3:

Go to Effects, then Objects, click on Trail and adjust the trail quality.

Step 4:

After all that, delete the background and Save!

If you wanna make a NSMB2 Logo:

Step 5:

Go to Effects, then go to Selection, click on Bevel Selection and adjust the bevel quality, do it for the fonts, too.

Step 6:

Save your project!

Information:For unused fonts, it is additional for you to create other logos, such as Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Maker and Mario Party
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Posted on 03-10-21, 01:56 am
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IMO you shouldn't really shouldn't use the Bevel
plugin because it won't look good on images if
you don't use it correctly. You're probably better
off making "3D" logos in Blender or something.
hmm what to say...
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Well, the og NSMBDS logo wasn't modelled. Modelling tools can give great results, but much like with image editing tools, it all depends on how you use it.
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