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Posted on 01-05-20, 03:48 am

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Is there a way to delete folders in Every File Explorer? I have folders add that i don't need anymore and now i can't they delete it.
Posted on 01-05-20, 09:11 am

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Pick up the folder you want to delete, and then click the "-" button on the toolbar.

Posted on 01-05-20, 07:22 pm (rev. 1 by SKJyannick on 01-05-20, 07:48 pm)

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Lol so easy? Thanks
It's possible to change the banner with EFE? Not very important but i'm wondering because the "replace" button is disabled
Posted on 01-05-20, 10:33 pm
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no, EFE can't change the banner. NSMBe can though, just double-click banner.bin. if you want to change the banner text, use RomeR.
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Posted on 01-05-20, 11:07 pm (rev. 1 by SKJyannick on 01-06-20, 06:50 pm)

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Do you have the link to RomeR? I can't find it?
Edit: ok don't need it i use dsbuff
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