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Posted on 07-08-19, 01:38 am
Red Paragoomba
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Posted on 07-08-19, 02:01 am (rev. 1 by  J0hnn0 on 07-08-19, 02:01 am)
Red Paratroopa

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The moon is too big. Also, why did you delete the previous thread?

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Posted on 07-08-19, 02:14 am
Fuzz Ball

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Zelda + Mario crossover

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Posted on 07-08-19, 04:21 am
Fuzz Ball
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doesn't get the problem with a zelda/mario crossover
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Posted on 07-08-19, 07:00 am
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the zelda part isn't the problem. the problem is the pathetic retexture of this mob with no changes to function whatsoever, ever.

at this point, you just know the guy gives no shits about feedback.
Posted on 07-08-19, 08:20 am
Boomerang Brother

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Retextures still count as resources though. And it's not like we're getting much better than this, lately..
Posted on 07-10-19, 03:01 pm
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I don't see the problem with this either? How would you even change the function of it without ASM? This doesn't have to be a must-have in every hack, it's just a neat little retexture that looks kinda cool.
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