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Posted on 06-01-19, 10:43 pm
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I've put in the "Always load Boss Victory Music" patch from the Misc. patches thread, and everything went fine with the boss music loading no matter what BG I put. Though when replaying a level with the Newer Athletic theme, the music didn't appear. Before I put the patch, the Newer Athletic theme worked fine. And I specifically know that it's the music itself that's silent, not the level, as multiple levels using it don't have audio, either. Is there anyway to bypass this problem other than replacing the track? By the way, if it helps, the track's at Slot 18; though I'm not completely sure if the slot's a factor, as I did try putting the theme in a different slot.
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Posted on 06-02-19, 03:38 am
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that's because the boss victory theme takes too much space which the newer athletic theme needs. since it doesn't have enough space, it doesn't play. that is the reason why you should use the code hack that allows you to only load the boss victory music when needed.
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