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Posted on 05-23-19, 09:39 pm

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I'm pretty new to the ASM hacking stuff but I'm trying to make a flappy bird kinda hack in nsmb. I got the flying stuff figured out but now I just want mario to die when it hits a pipe. I'm almost done with it but I just can't figure out how to make mario die. I tried moving the timer to 0 but that didn't work well. Can anyone help me?
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Posted on 05-24-19, 01:42 am
Super Koopa

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You can change tile properties to where when Mario touches the pipe, it hurts or kills him. Go to "Tilesets" and then "Jyotyu" and you can edit all kinds of stuff in there.

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Posted on 05-24-19, 10:50 am
Buzzy Beetle

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if you have the asm template setup, define this function (in nsmb.h and symbols): 0x020205EC
create a ptr using the function (MarioActor* player = (MarioActor*)*name of function that you just defined*)
and set field 0x990 to 0x021197FC (player->unk990 = 0x021197FC;)
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Posted on 05-24-19, 03:40 pm

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Thanks It worked. I couln't do it by editing the tileset because pipes and objects that hurt are incompatible
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Posted on 05-25-19, 01:41 am
Available on all current platforms.

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as long as you don't need to enter the pipe, it doesn't need to have a pipe behaviour.
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