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Posted on 03-30-19, 05:31 am (rev. 5 by Supah Malleo on 04-28-19, 06:48 pm)

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This New Super Mario Bros. 2 Rom Hack Brings Mario's First Adventure on Your 3ds!! Replay the Classic Levels On the Go!! This Hack Features:
•custom tilesets
•ported and remade music
•an .cia patcher

We have a discord server where we post all our updates!
Note: we have not yet decided whether
we are going to include lost levels or not
Posted on 03-30-19, 10:24 pm

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Even tho I am usually not a fan of remade levels this looks pretty well done.

Keep it up!
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Posted on 03-31-19, 01:17 am (rev. 1 by  Ezradekezra on 03-31-19, 01:18 am)
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It looks great, but I think NSMB2 has more levels than SMB and SMB:LL combined? What about the rest of the levels?
Posted on 03-31-19, 03:49 pm
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he doesn't need to replace every levels.
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