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Posted on 01-14-19, 06:46 am (rev. 1 by  Parakoopa on 01-14-19, 06:51 am)
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Well, this thing has officially been entered into the realm of "development hell". I don't think there's any plans for 2019, but if anyone's gonna start working on it again, I'll be there too. While most people prefer working on solo stuff, I actually much prefer collabs, so I'll try and send in what I can over time. I'll also try and see if some of my freinds wanna do it. Maybe get a little bit of life around these bones again.
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Posted on 01-14-19, 12:35 pm
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Nice. I guess I still have a couple levels to make, too.
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Posted on 02-05-19, 03:14 am

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It would actually be pretty cool if you got some people together to make levels for the CR. I doubt it would ever become whole again though
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