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Posted on 01-04-19, 11:51 pm
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Hello dear Community!
Does anyone know how to code a custom boss for the game like the endboss in Newer Super Mario Bros. DS. Does I need to make an ASM Hack or something? Please help me!

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You would need the smarts of Skawo. It all depends on how you want it and what you want it to do.

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Posted on 01-05-19, 02:02 am
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What you really need is a lot of time to waste. Time to learn ASM, time to get good enough at it to make a custom boss and time to code that boss. Each of those three steps will inevitably take a lot of time, and there's no tutorial.
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Posted on 01-05-19, 02:43 am

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Well I coded most of the final boss in NewerDS.

What you need:
- Time to waste
- Dead brain cells
- Having fun going thru insane code produced by Nintendo's broken compiler
- I guess some reverse engineering and programming skills

tl;dr learn to do some simple asm mods first and then decide if you really want to do that. And don't expect that you can reach the required skill too fast, you'll just get frustrated otherwise
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