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Extended Tilesets

Let's start with the basics; regular extended tilesets. You can extend a tileset to 256x144, effectively gaining 256x32 tileset space by overwriting sub nohara. You don't need to touch the sub nohara tileset, but you won't be able to use it in any areas that use extended tilesets. This is from what I've gathered, due to tile sharing, which  MeroMero made a lenghty post about. To extend a tileset, find the ncg for your tileset in this post. LZ decompress it using NSMBe, go to offset 0x5000 using NSMBe's hex editor and select everything from there until the end. Copy, and then past at the end of the file. Save, close the hex editor and LZ compress the file. It should now be 256x144. This information was already shared in the past by  MeroMero, but not the rest of this thread.

Super Extended Tilesets

You can extend you tilesets to 256x176 using this ASM hack. It will behave very much exactly like an extended tileset, except this time it's bigger. To get your tileset to 256x176, you do the same procedure as with extended tilesets except this time you paste twice.

Extended Tilesets Without Sacrificing Sub Nohara

That's right, there is a way to get extended tilesets (only 256x144 ones) working even with sub nohara. You apply this ASM hack to the rom and you extend sub nohara to 256x64 (same procedure as before, except this time copy the data from another tileset. One that isn't extended and that isn't Sub Nohara or Jyotyu). Then, you export the graphics and copy the top 256x32 to the bottom of the tileset and remove the top 256x32. Finally, and this is the most long and tedious part, restore map16. Since this part is sucks, I've done it for you! Here's the download for the .nmt: CLICK HERE!. I suggest you keep a clean rom open in the editor with sub nohara opened for reference. It will work... mostly. The castle graphics will show up completely fine even with extended tilesets (because only the top of the tileset gets overwritten), but Mario will go in front of the wall instead of entering and going behind. Basically, the nsbtx files won't show up. That can only mean one thing; what causes the nsbtx to show up is tied to the placement of the graphics on the ncg, not on the map16 (nsc). This is dumb, but there are workarounds. You can change the graphics of the arrow sprite (or you can use  MeroMero's signboard hack) to that of the wall. Since those are objects that can be set to appear in front of Mario, retexturing them to the wall will work just fine.

Added download for the sub nohara .nmt.
Also another thing I forgot to mention is that this thread is just a taste of what's to come. I am currently writing a huge tileset tutorial which should cover literally EVERYTHING there is to know. From the very basics to the most complex notions. From the most simple of recolors to things like tile sharing and custom Jyotyu tilesets. Writing it really made me realize how complex graphics editing is in NSMBDS when compared to NSMBW and NSMB2. In those games, you have plenty of space and no real color limitations, and you only have one palette. If I were to make a tileset tutorial for those games, I bet it would be ten times shorter than the one I'm writing.
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