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Posted on 12-23-18, 07:54 pm

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Hi! I have started a hack of NSMB which replaces the levels with that of Super Mario Land 2. The hack will be called New Super Mario Land 2. I was wondering if anyone could help make custom tilesets/music, because I am a newbie at that kind of stuff
I have finished most of the first level and I am planning to do most of the level design. So, will anyone help me? If you do, thanks!
Posted on 12-29-18, 03:56 am
That MvL Hacker

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Generally speaking, you always want to show some significant progress before anyone would help make hacking assets for you
Here's my MvL Hacking thread

Consider joining the NSMB DS Hacking Discord Server!

Posted on 12-29-18, 07:01 am
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I can try to make a tileset for you. Tell me what tileset you want and I'll do it!

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Posted on 12-30-18, 01:46 am

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Update: I am nearly done with the level design for Tree zone 1, and none of the current tilesets in NSMB will work. If someone can help create a tileset for the level, then thanks!
Posted on 12-30-18, 02:29 am
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Maybe you'll find something to your liking there:
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