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Posted on 11-24-18, 02:36 am

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Oh no! Has this ever happened to you? Well not anymore!

Introducing the As seen on TV! Thread!

The thread that allows you to make up dumb products and make them sound cool! Like magic!

The secret is in the heavy coded website thread technology, allowing you to have a good laugh on how silly these TV
commercials actually are!

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone now to order your As seen on TV! Thread!


Call now and we'll DOUBLE the offer! That's 2 As seen on TV threads for the price of one!

You get it all! 2 As seen on TV threads! (Just pay seperate processing and handling)

Call 1-800-AsSeenOnTV! That's 1-800-AsSeenOnTV!

Must be 18 years or older to order.

Pretty sure you get the gist of this by now. What kind of silly, yet clever products can you come up with?

New Super Mario Bros. U DS:
Posted on 02-06-19, 04:04 am

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Introducing the As seen on TV! Thread!

Introducing GFX Tile Splitter!

damn that's tough.
You might not find me here a lot. I'm either doing other stuff or working on the MvL Community Remix.

You can help out here:

GFX Tile Splitter
Posted on 02-28-19, 02:11 pm (rev. 2 by  awesomeguy95 on 02-28-19, 02:13 pm)
Red Goomba
I like all of you!

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Have you ever felt so lonely that you just need someone to have fun with?

Well, I've got the solution! Introducing...

The Friend-Bot 2000, a high-tech robot you can be friends with!

With this, you can no longer be lonely!

Pretty cool, huh?
There is a reason why my username is awesomeguy95. It's because I'm awesome, like all of you.
Posted on 03-06-19, 06:36 pm (rev. 4 by  Wither19 on 03-07-19, 05:25 pm)
Its-a me, Walui-BOO, YOU STINK!

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Introducing the Money-factory *666! Using the latest technology in directly sending money to the government, you can insert 5 dollars and get 1 dollar out of the other slot! **Wow! Also, if you preorder this fabulous machine, you insert 10 dollars and receive 1 cent back! What a ***great deal!!!!*** Only $999.99!
Output money sold seperately.

One small step for man, and a flag too, I guess.
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